Seat Reservation

Who can apply for “Seat Reservation” via the portal site of China Southern Airlines?

Adults and children who have purchased electronic tickets of China Southern Airlines can apply for a“Seat Reservation”, and infants are not applicable.

Which legs are available for seat reservation?

The seat reservation service is available for all legs departing from domestic cities.

Are seat reservations applicable for connecting flights?

Yes, you can make seat reservations for each flight separately.

When can I make my seat reservation?

You can make seat reservations during the period after the ticket is bought until 2:00 pm one day prior to the day when the flight is expected to take off.

Can I change a chosen seat via the seat reservation system?

Yes. Passengers who have finished seat reservation via the seat reservation system can log in to the system again to cancel the chosen seat and choose another seat.

How can I send questions or suggestions on the seat reservation of China Southern Airlines?

You can directly call the service line of the portal site of China Southern Airlines: 4006695539.