Corporate Users

How can corporate users of China Southern Airlines register, and what qualifications are needed?

Corporate users can register through the corporate user page of China Southern Airlines’ portal site. The application is open for all companies and their branches, state-owned institutions, enterprises and public institutions, and partnerships legally registered and established in China, and other institutions and organizations which operate legally in China and have obtained their business licenses/ practice licenses. Travel agencies, air ticket agencies and other practitioners of air ticket agency business will not be accepted as users either in their own name or in others’ name.

Entrance for registration:

How can corporate users book tickets?

After registration and approval, corporate users can log on to the corporate users page of China Southern Airlines, inquire about the flights, choose a flight, enter passenger information and make payment.

What’s the use of the employee name list?

The calculation of sales reward is based on the employee name list, and the employees in the name list can be conveniently entered into the passenger information.

What is the restriction for the employee name list?

Enterprises should complete the input of their employee name list within 15 days after the registration is approved, and during the period the compilation of the employee name list are not subject to any restrictions; In 15 days after the approval, employees added in the name list will become effective 30 days after the completion of operations, in addition, the number of employees added, deleted or modified in each year shall not be more than 15% of the total number of the employees in the enterprise.

What is the ticket-booking preference for corporate users?

Corporate users who book tickets on the corporate user page of the portal site of China Southern Airlines will be given a preference of 5% off the published fare of V class or higher classes; corporate users who have signed the sales reward contract are entitled to sales reward when their annual ticket-booking amount reaches certain limits.

How is the sales reward for corporate users handled?

After signing the sales reward contracts with corporate users, China Southern Airlines will add up the ticket-booking amounts of each corporate user after each settlement cycle, and if the ticket-booking amount reaches the threshold for reward, China Southern Airlines will give the sales reward to the user after the user has provided valid invoices in equal amount.

What is the early warning function?

For all passenger tickets purchased by a corporate user, if the amount of the tickets purchased by non-employees is more than 30% of total ticket amount, the system will give a warning to indicate that the sales reward will not be given to such user; if the amount of tickets purchased by non-employees is more than 60% of the total ticket amount, the system will automatically cancel the ticket-booking for such account.

How is the sales reward calculated?

Only the ticket amount (excluding airport construction fee, fuel surcharge and other fees collected and paid on behalf of other organizations) actually used by passengers who are in the employee name list will be counted for sales reward, and the calculation is based on the actual transport date of the ticket.

How to handle the return and change of tickets?

Corporate users can handle return and change of air tickets through the self-service function via the order management of the portal site, or call 4008895539.

Can employees accumulate their own Sky Pearl Air Miles?

Employees who take the flights of China Southern Airlines can accumulate Sky Pearl Air Miles to their own Sky Pearl card account.

How can I buy international tickets?

You can directly log in to the overseas portal site of China Southern Airlines, or choose an overseas city on the medium-sized and small enterprise user page which will lead you to the overseas portal site where you can buy tickets simply by entering your user’s contract number on the page of the chosen payment gateway.