Check in

Guide for Check-in

What is check-in?

After successfully booking an air ticket, passengers should check in at the departure hall of the airport with a valid certificate and get a boarding check to confirm your seat. Passengers can also check in through self-service equipment, CSN website and SMS of mobile phones.

How to get boarding check and check in luggage?

The boarding check can be transacted at the airport or through self-service equipment, CSN website, and so on; for registered luggage, passengers should arrive at the manual counter for checking in before the deadline. However, stipulations may differ in various regions, so please consult the local departure airport for details.

Passengers with paper tickets should please go to the airport service counter.

How to deal with the unprinted or lost online boarding check of CSN?

You can go to the airport service counter of CSN or duty-counter to explain the situation and apply for a new boarding check.

Passengers who use SMS can print the boarding check by CSN self-service equipment at the airport himself/herself with two-dimension code they received or second-generation ID card.

What documents do I need to prepare before boarding?

Please take along your valid certificate for check-in.

Passengers in need of special services should bring along related certifications and applications.

What are the reasons for the failure of check-in online or by SMS?

The possible reasons are listed as below:

1.     Network is busy;

2.     Your flight does not support online/SMS check-in or is not at the time of check-in;

3.     Change of airplane types intermits the check-in.

---You can go to the airport counter to check in manually or wait for a while.

What is self-service check-in?

Transact boarding check by self-service equipment at the airport, CSN website, SMS and other ways with valid e-ticket.

What are the advantages of printing the boarding check by oneself?

Offer personalized service and reduce the time of queueing at the airport.

What do I need to do with the self-printed boarding check at the airport?

In case you do not need to check in luggage, you only need to bring along your valid certificate and printed boarding check to pass the security check; otherwise, you need to check in luggage at the luggage check-in counter.

Can I print my boarding check for more than one piece?

Yes, but only one of them is valid.

When should I arrive at the airport to check in?

Different airlines and airports have different schedules. Generally speaking, passengers should check in 30 minutes before departure. While at some airports, it is about 45 minutes or one hour before departure. We suggest that you consult related information before a trip and leave enough time for check-in. If you still have questions, please consult your departure airport.

Which kind of passengers can not check in online?

Passengers who need special services or need to be verified with additional certification, such as child(We provide child check-in service on our domestic and international flights departing from Guangzhou), infant, important passenger, disabled revolutionary serviceman, policeman, pregnant, elder without companion, passenger applied for special food, the blind, deaf and dumb person, the passenger in need of stretcher or wheel chair, ill passenger, psychopath and prisoner can not apply for check-in online at this moment.

Passengers mentioned above should please go to the check-in counter of CSN at the airport.