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What is the CSN Sky Pearl Club?

The CSN Sky Pearl Club refers to the frequent flyer awards program for China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd. The service hotline for sales of CSN 95539 and service centers of Sky Pearl Club and regular customer service centers distributing major airports of the country provide perfect and convenient services to Sky Pearl Club members. At present, over 5 million members of Sky Pearl Club can accrue and redeem mileage through flights provided by CSN, as well as those of the partners of CSN, such as Sichuan Airlines and China Airlines.

CSN has joined the SkyTeam Alliance. Therefore, members of Sky Pearl Club can not only accumulate miles when traveling within China on flights provided by CSN , but can also earn CSN Sky Pearl Club miles within SkyTeam Alliance worldwide airline networks and through the flights of other members of the SkyTeam Alliance (including Russian Airlines, Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, and Northwest Airlines). The accumulated miles can be recorded as Sky Pearl Club elite qualifying mileage / segments and gett elite qualification as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, cross industry cooperation provides more channels for Sky Pearl Club members to accumulate miles. The partners of CSN including Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels, Best Western International, Inc., Intercontinental Hotels Group, ACCOR, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Langham Hotel Hong Kong, Jinling Hotel Group, Garden Hotel, 7 Days Inn Group, China Mobile, China Unicom, Guangdong Development Bank, Bank of China Group, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Ctrip, Hertz Car Rental, Avis Car Rental and Extreme Rental all provide value added services and award miles to Sky Pearl Club members.

What are the benefits of joining the Sky Pearl Club?

Sky Pearl Club refers to the frequent flyer awards of China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd.. As a member of Sky Pearl, you can get considerable miles awards every time you travel by CZ flights or partner flights of SkyTeam Alliance and use the products and services from the partner banks and hotels. The earned miles can redeem free award tickets and free upgrades the class, making you and your family members realize the traveling dream. Members with gold and silver card can enjoy the many services from CZ and the global network of SkyTeam Alliance, including prior check-in and VIP lounge etc. Bring you a more convenient and comfortable travel.

How to join the Sky Pearl Club?

Log in the website of Sky Pearl Club (skypearl.csair.com) to register. Online registration will bring a chance to earn more miles. Call the China Southern Airlines service hotline (Mainland 95539, International +86-4008695539 ) of sales to apply. Download China Southern App or Focus on our Wechat ID(CS95539). Fill the Sky Pearl Application Form at the direct ticketing counters of China Southern Airlines, airport and CZ flights.

Do I have to pay to joini the Sky Pearl Club?

No. It is free of charge.

How should I fill in the name on the application form? May I use a nickname?

The name on the application form must be consistent with your travel certificates (such as ID card, passport etc.). You can not use a nickname. Please fill in the personal information correctly and we will print it on your member card, so that we can offer you a better service.

Why do I have to provide my cell phone number?

We will send the member card number to your mobile phone through SMS. You can view and accumulate miles with the member card number. Moreover, you will also be notified through SMS of your mileage accumulation and consumption, such that you can understand changes to the mileage account in a timely way. Subscribers to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom can enjoy the SMS service.

I’m a new member ofSky Pearl Club.Why haven’t I got my membership card?

When your mileage account has three valid flights recorded (cumulative flight) or the total mileage accumulation has exceeded 1,500km, Sky Pearl Clubwill send you a standard membership card and membership information.

You can also use a paper membership card to accumulate the mileage or directly inform the check-in counter of your membership card number before receiving standard membership card.

How to get a Membership Guide?

Please log in to skypearl.csair.com/en/ to directly download Membership Guide for reference in “Fast Search” bar.

Can my children become members of Sky Pearl Club?

Membership of CSN Sky Pearl Club is free for all passengers over 12-years old who accept the Program Rules and Conditions described herein, except where and to the extent such membership is prohibited by law or regulation.

Can flight records be used for mileage accumulation before becoming a member of Sky Pearl Club?

Your mileage account begins from the first day of your enrollment in the Sky Pearl Club. The date on the postmark or the successful submission of your application online is considered as the enrollment day.