Cancellation and Change of Flight

Will CSN change the aircraft type or route, or cancel, discontinue, delay or postpone a flight after tickets are sold?

Due to weather, air traffic control, airplane maintenance, airplane reallocation etc, CSN may adjust the scheduled flight, including the change of airplane type or route, and cancel, suspend, delay or postpone a flight.

Will the passengers receive prior notice when CSN changes airplane type, cancels, suspends, delays or postpones a flight?

If any of the following circumstances occurs, CSN do not need to provide prior notice, in accordance with the regulations:

(I) To comply with laws, regulations and government regulations;

(II) To ensure flight safety;

(III) Other irresistible external factors;

(IV) Other non-CSN reasons.

What arrangements will CSN make for passengers after cancellation or delay of a flight?

If, due to uncontrollable or unpredictable non-CSN reasons, such as weather, air traffic control etc, the flight has been cancelled, brought foward, delayed, route-changed, or caused passengers to miss a connecting flight or fail to provide passengers with confirmed seats, CSN would adopt the following measures when considering the reasonable needs of passengers:

Provide available seats for a follow-up flight for affected passengers on our priority list;

Conduct flight transfer procedures for relevant passengers with the consent of passengers themselves and related carriers;

If the cancellation or delay is due to reasons related to CSN, such as airplane maintenance, flight reallocation etc, CSN would adopt the following measures in addition to the two measures above: change the route of original tickets and arrange for related passengers to take other flights of CSN or other carriers to their destination or the transit place without replenishing the price gap for flight ticket, excess baggage charge and other service fee, and even getting refund if they are overpaid.

Why are my airplane type, departure and arrival time told to me at the time of ticket booking are often inconsistent with those of the actual flight?

The flight schedules are prepared four or five months in advance based on the conditions of fleets, the market and other factors. Because there are always some unexpected factors such as bad weather, airplane maintenance, airplane reallocation etc when implementing the flights, and airlines have to readjust the schedules provisionally. Therefore, the above-mentioned discrepancy may occur.

The seat for the flight I have booked has changed, and the new flight does not meet my needs. What should I do?

The CSN website supports unwilled flight change application. You can log in the website of CSN and click Order Management to select a suitable date for your changed flight and check Unwilled Change in the column of Reason for Change.

Remark: the website does not offer a change application for connecting flights, but you can apply for a change by calling our sales service hotline: 40066 95539.