Baggage Service

Baggage Service Guide

What is baggage?

Baggage refers to necessary items and other private properties in an appropriate quantity in which passengers would bring with them for dressing, daily use, personal comfort or convenience during their travel. Unless otherwise specified, it includes registered baggage and unregistered baggage.

What baggage should I carry during my journey?

May I kindly remind you that the quantity and category of baggage shall conform to our specifications. It is recommended that you can find some time and make a list of personal articles. In so doing, it will make it easy for your next trip. You had better make different baggage lists for various travel types such as business trip, long-distance journey and short-distance travel etc.

Do I have to register my baggage on the same day as the flight?

Yes. We are sorry but baggage can only be accepted on the exact day of your flight.

May I bring valuables on to the cabin?

Yes, but you must take good care of your items including cash, jewelry, valuables, gold, silver, notes, securities and documents etc.

How should I handle my valuables?

The valuables must serve as passenger’s carry-on baggage. Don’t treat them as checked baggage. The valuables in registered baggage will only be compensated as common registered baggage when they are lost or damaged.

Can I bring medicine on to the plane?

Medicine within the scope specified by national laws and regulations of CSN can be brought by passengers.

What items can not be brought on to the plane?

Passsengers are prohibited from carrying or registering items such as firearms, military or police arms (including main components) and their imitations; flammable and explosive items and their imitations; toxic articles; corrosive materials; radioactive items; controlled knives and tools; strong magnetic items or goods with strongly pungent odor and other things that endanger flight safety as well as items forbidden to be carried or transported according to national laws and regulations.

What do I need to know when taking a flight to the United States?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may open and check your luggage if they find something suspicious when you take a flight to the United States. You may use a special lock, which can only be opened by yourself and TSA employees, if you have to lock your luggage.

How should you mark your baggage?

For the safety of your luggage, CSN will mark each item of baggage respectively. Currently self-marking of a baggage is not supported. You need to register your luggage at the service counter and our clerk will tie or paste a tag with bar code, name and flight No. etc. which is prepared uniformly by CSN, to your baggage.

What is the deadline for checking in my baggage?

For the purpose of safety, all baggages will be weighed and inspected. Therefore, regardless of e-tickets or traditional tickets, all passengers must go through the formalities of registering their baggage at the airport. The deadline for registering luggage is the time before the departure of your plane. However, you must check that you have sufficient time to board the plane.

Why is the security check a must before boarding the plane?

To ensure your personal safety and safety of the property of you and others and according to the China’s Civil Aviation Safety Inspection Rules, all passengers and baggage must be checked in. CSN will reject passengers or baggage that fails the security check and shall be exempt from the possible liability arising from the loss.

What should I do if I find that my baggage is among the lost baggage not claimed?

We are very sorry for the loss or wrong delivery of your baggage due to our mistakes. Temporarily, services for publicizing the list of lost baggage are not available. You may dial 95539 to reach customer service when encountering such a problem.

May I view the status of my lost, wrongly delivered or delayed baggage on the Internet?

Yes, you may view the status of your baggage through CSN website with reference No., baggage tag No., your telephone No. or certificate No.

Will the transport of baggage be forbidden during a certain period of the year?


Is the logistics service available?

Yes, the specialized logistics company of CSN will provide you with relevant services. You may contact the logistics company to collect and deliver your baggage in accordance with your requirements.

What are the preconditions of baggage through checks?

The baggage through check is available at departure airports that support the service when you take a flight from home to abroad and you have bought a single ticket with both voyages displayed on it.

Which airlines apply a weight-based system for baggage?

The weight-based system for baggage is applied to all airlines other than those to and from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Which airlines apply a piece-based system for baggage?

The airlines of China to the United States, China to Canada and China to Europe.