What kind of passengers are defined as passengers with disabilities?

The passengers who lack of self-care ability and must be attended by others due to mental or physical defects (or illness) are called as passengers with disabilities.

What are the restrictions on the passengers with disabilities?

Currently, unless otherwise approved by China Southern Airlines, we do not offer transportation service to passengers who require unceasing blood transfusion, oxygen supply, or fluid transfusion to sustain their lives or to passengers who are critically ill.

1. The sick and disabled passengers conforming to the following conditions are acceptable by China Southern Airlines rules:

(1) Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis

a. For the following passengers, we has the right to ask for their medical certificate of the hospitals approved by CZ and with signature of the their doctor.

(a) Passengers with premature infant in incubator;

(b) Passengers who need oxygen therapy with medical oxygen apparatus;

(c) Passengers whose health is threatened or passengers who need special medical care during the journey;

(d) Passengers who develop severe infectious diseases but can be prevented to infect others with the aid of certain precautionary measures.

b. The Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis should be in triplicate, which should be filled out with passengers' illness conditions and diagnosis by the medical organizations at county, municipal or equivalent level, signed by the doctors, and then stamped by the medical organizations. If one needs in-flight oxygen cylinder, the required oxygen volume shall be indicated in the Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis.

c. The Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis shall include the necessary conditions to prevent certain disease or contagious diseases to spread. And they are only valid if issued within 96 hours before the departure. As to passengers with severe diseases, the Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis shall be issued within 48 hours before the departure.

d. On China-US route run by CZ, the valid medical certificate (or certificate of diagnosis) for disable people who are qualified for boarding should be issued within 10 days before the departure date. (No need to present medical certificate for the return trip).

(2) Special (sick and disabled) Passenger Application

(3) Escort

For details, please refer to Special Assistance.

What are the restrictions on the number of passengers with disabilities?

1. Since passengers with disabilities need special service and care, the amount of this kind of passengers in each flight shall be limited so as not to affect other passengers' services. In addition to American flights, the limit of disable passengers without any escort but needing assistance in each flight is stated as follows (except the special time such as Paralympics):

Seat number Passengers Seat number Passengers
51-100 ≤2 101-200 ≤4
201-400 ≤6 400以上 ≤8

2. If the number of disabled people exceeds than that in the above specification, the escorts should be added according to one to one proportion, but the number shall not exceed the double in the above specification.

3. Unless specially approved, only one stretcher passenger is allowed to be carried in each flight in principle, and the stretcher passenger must be accompanied at least by one medical worker or one family member on his travels; if a stretcher passenger is carried by a flight, the flight does not accept other passengers with disabilities.

4. When a disable group is carried, on the premise that escorts are added according to the five to one proportion and corresponding measures are taken, the check-in numbers of disable people can be added according to the circumstances.

5. The limit of disable people in the China-US flight operated by China Southern Airlines is canceled, that is, the reception number of the blind/deaf, stretcher and wheelchair passengers is not limited.

Is wheelchair service available for the passenger who need help from China Southern Airlines?

Yes, but you have to apply to China Southern Airlines in advance. 

The passenger using a wheel chair at the airport or for boarding or getting off the plane departing/leaving for the United State does not have to apply in advance.

How long does it required to apply for a stretcher service in advance?

1. The seats of the stretcher passengers shall be reserved no later than 72 hours before take-off. In special circumstances, the application of the stretcher passengers submitted within 72 hours before departure can be accepted after it is confirmed by the Company.

2. The stretcher passengers must be accompanied by at least one doctor or paramedic. If the doctor certifies that the patient doesn't need medical care during the trip, the passenger can also be accompanied by family members or guardians.