Pregnant Women

What are the restrictions on pregnant women passengers?

Women pregnant for 32 weeks or less may take flights unless otherwise specified by the doctor. Women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant shall provide following medical certificates before boarding the plane:

1.Name and age;

2.Pregnancy time;

3.Air range and date;

4.Feasibility of taking the flight;

5.Whether special care is needed on the plane?

The above certificates of diagnosis shall be issued within 72 hours before the departure, which come into effect on the condition that being stamped by a hospital of county level (including) or above and signed by the doctor of such hospital. Pregnant women whose expected date is within four weeks or the expected date of childbirth is uncertain or there are multiplets and possible complicating diseases related to childbirth will not be allowed to board the plane. The woman 32 weeks to 36 weeks pregnant must fill in a “Special passenger (pregnant women) application” in triplicate before making a reservation. Then, she can board the plane after the “Certificates of diagnosis” are inspected based on aforesaid conditions.