Vacation Reservation

1. What are the vacation products provided by CSN?

Vacation products are a kind of tourism consumption activity with vacation and relaxation as their main purpose and content. CSN vacation products mainly refer to a series of packaged products including air ticket/ tour bus, hotel and other additional products.

2. What types of products are included in CSN vacation products?

Domestic vacation products (including characteristic vacation products within Guangdong Province), vacation products in Hong Kong and Macao as well as overseas vacation products.

3. What are the differences between CSN vacation products and itineraries sold in travel agencies and what are the price differences?

The itineraries sold in travel agencies are tourism products focusing on group package tours and half package tours. The group is mainly made up of over 10 tourists. Tourists in the group commission a travel agency to handle all related services in the form of prepaying traveling expenses at one time. The commissioned travel agency provides all the tour arrangements and services, fixes the itinerary in advance and offers a tour guide for the whole tour. Generally the travel agency gives a more favorable price with services of guidied shopping and additional attractions. CSN vacation products mainly focus on the DIY tours for vacation and relaxation, providing clients with a large amount of freedom. You can choose freely the scenic spots, hotel and departure dates according to your available time, interests and economic conditions. Excepting special circumstances, the tour guide is not provided for the whole journey. Generally the price is higher than that of package tours given by travel agencies, but more preferential than that of individual travelers on their own.  

4. What are the differences between “Air ticket + Hotel” vacation products and booking air tickets and hotels respectively?

Compared with booking air tickets and hotels respectively, “Air ticket + Hotel” vacation product can provide you with more preferential package price as well as faster and more convenient service.

5. Why do vacation products need to be booked in advance?

As we want to strive for more preferential air tickets and hotels for you, we have to prepay related suppliers. Thus you are required to book it in advance. We highly appreciate your understanding and are sorry for any inconvenience.

6. How many days in advance should I book the vacation product?

There are different rules for each product, two to three days for short distances, and four to seven days for long distances and six to eight days for overseas. The days for booking in advance are different for each product. For details, please call 40066-95539 to inquire.

7. Can I get a reserved seat since I am not certain about my journey?

As the products are sold openly online, we cannot reserve the seat for you. And it requires payment within 24 hours after the order confirmation (except emergencies). Due to the limited quantity, we suggest that you book it as soon as possible after confirming your journey.

8. Why does your operator reply to me that no quota is available for a trip when I have submitted the order?

Sorry. What you have submitted is only a primary reservation and it will be a successful booking only after our staffconfirm the specific travel ticket or hotel for you.

9. How can I modify the submitted order?

Please call the service hotline on CSN website 40066-95539 to modify the order, and we will modify for you as it cannot be operated online.

10. Why does the price after reservation differ from that published online?

The price (RMB ×× Yuan/ per pax) of vacation productS published on the CSN website is in accordance with the lowest starting prices of all items during a specific period, and different hotels allocated with different air tickets as well as dates may have different prices. Seasonal tourism for destination cities and ticket price fluctuations may affect the final price of the product you choose. Generally if you choose to go away on weekends, the price will be higher than usual. The price that we have informed you shall prevail.  

11. How many pax do CSN products accommodate? If it is a larger group, will you provide any special discount?

CSN products are suitable for everyone. No matter whether you are a single traveler or go away with a few friends, you can find favorable destinations for vacation and relaxation here. Just note that if you choose vacation products with more than two days by yourself, generally you will need to make up for the hotel price differences.

If you go on a tour in a group (generally ten pax or more), please first indicate it to us when booking and we will strive for more preferential prices for group air tickets and hotels by negotiating with the suppliers, so as to further reduce your expenses.   

12. What is the single room price difference?

In vacation products with accommodation provided by CSN, the hotel will arrange a standard twin room for you, while the product quotation is generally calculated for one bed. If you go on a trip by yourself and ask to stay in the standard room alone, you are required to make up the single room price difference, that is, charges for the other bed.

13. Are there any restrictions to the available quantity of a single vacation product?

Most vacation products have restrictions on the quantity and we will close online products as soon as they are sold out.

14. Will CSN provide vacation products with special discounts according to different seasons?

CSN will provide more preferential products according to favorable policies for different tourist seasons, air tickets, scenic spots and hotels. Please pay attention to advertisement pages on the CSN homepage or recommended products on vacation products page.

15. Can I travel to Hong Kong, Macao and others places without an entry permit? Can the travel agency handle the entry permit for me?

No. The precondition for traveling in Hong Kong and Macao is that you must have an entry permit in hand. Travel agencys cannot handle this for individuals and tourists are required to handle it in the location of their registered permanent residence. With the entry permit, you still need to provide endorsements before you are allowed to enter Hong Kong and Macao. At present, Hong Kong and Macao entry permits not issued in Guangzhou cannot handle the endorsement through the travel agency and other endorsement institutions in Guangzhou.

16. How do you issue the invoice?

Different vacation products have different ways to issue the invoice. This depends on the specific reference.

17. Will the express fees be charged when delivering the invoice?

The delivery fee will not be charged if you choose the method of registered letter. If you choose express delivery, you are responsible for the cost.

18. Can the flight in the vacation products be changed?

The flight information after ticket issuance shall prevail. If voluntarily changed, and ticket refunds and other circumstances occur after ticket issuance, it will be dealt with in accordance with the service conditions of passenger ticket.

19. What if the flight is delayed or cancelled on the departure day due to the weather?

In such a case, please promptly contact us by calling the service hotline on CSN website 40066-95539 and we will contact the hotel you are about to check in and try our best to reduce your losses. Please wait at the airport patiently, follow instructions and ask for proof of delay issued by the airport. We will make every effort to assist you in handling related issues.

20. Will the price of vacation products be cheaper than booking hotel and air tickets respectively? Can you offer a separate quotation for the hotel and the ticket?

The price of our vacation product will never exceed that of air tickets or hotels booked separately combined with other relevant services of the vacation product that you book by yourself charges. As vacation products are sold by packing various tourism resources, they cannot be quoted separately.

21. What certificates should I resort to when checking in the hotel after booking the vacation product?

Please check in the hotel with valid ID card.