Carry-on Baggage

What is the “carry-on baggage”?

The “carry-on baggage” refers to small items within the categories and quantity limit specified by and approved by the carrier that you can carry with you on the cabin free of charge.

What is the “baggage ticket”?

The “baggage ticket” is a part of ticket concerned with checked baggage.

What is the “baggage tag identification voucher”?

The “baggage tag identification voucher” is issued specially by the carrier to the passengers for identifying his checked baggage.

Why are some of our baggage not allowed to be brought onto the plane when boarding?

The carry-on baggage shall be small enough to be placed into a baggage rack or the space under your seat, in order to guarantee the normal activities inside the cabin and the safety of passengers Our staff are authorized to stop oversized baggage being brought onto a plane.

What are the restrictions on carry-on baggage?

A passenger holding a first class ticket may carry on two pieces of baggage. The passenger holding a business class or economy class ticket can only carry one piece of baggage. The dimensions of each baggage can not exceed the size of 20x40x55 cm. The total weight can not be larger than 5 KG.

What items can be registered but not carried on?

The items that can be registered but not carried on include knives for daily use, special knives, alcohol, stage property and other sharp or blunt instruments that might endanger aviation safety.

Can I carry liquid items?

Sorry, liquid items are not allowed to be carried on.

Can infant carriages and food be treated as carry-on baggage?

Each passenger can carry on one foldable infant carriage into the cabin. Infant food and items for daily use can be brought into the cabin after they are shown and this is explained to security staff.

How many lithium batteries can be placed in my carry-on baggage?

The lithium batteries in cell phones and notebook computers etc. can be carried on by passengers.

What portable electrical appliances can be brought on to the cabin?

Electrical appliances including digital camera, MP3, mobile phone, mobile phone charger, CD player and laptop, larger electrical appliances such as hair dryer etc. that can be placed into the carry-on baggage may be brought into the cabin with prior display and explanation to the security staff.

Can I take hairspray on board?