Airport Display Screen

What information can I obtain from the display at the boarding gate?

The corresponding flight time, departure and arrival cities, and flight status;

Will CSN notify me of the relevant closing time?

If passengers take a CSN flight as their first flight, CSN or its authorized agent will inform passengers of the closing time for boarding. Passengers should inquire about the closing time of any subsequent flight by themselves. For the sake of smooth and pleasant travel, passengers should prepare sufficient time for related procedures. If passengers fail to undergo the procedures before the closing time, CSN has the right to cancel their seats. The closing time varies according to different airports, and passengers are advised to find out by themselves and to comply with the closing time of each airport.

What does the letter “E” mean?

The letter “e” beside flight number means that e-ticket can be used in the flight.

What does flight departure time mean?

Departure time refers to the time that the plane starts moving and leaves the airport. At the time, the plane will head for the runway and be ready to take off. The departure time will be displayed on both your ticket which you purchase or book, and the departure schedule display at the airport.

What does the flight arrival time mean?

Arrival time refers to the time that the plane arrives at the destination airport and stops moving. The arrival time of your flight will be displayed on the travel notes after you purchase the ticket.

What can I do to help my flight be punctual?

To make your flight punctual, here are some tips for you:

1. Be aware of the closing time of check-in. Therefore, you need to visit the page of “Your Reservation” on our website, or enter related pages according to the following steps: Information & service>Airport>Check-in> Closing time of check-in.

2.Be aware of the boarding time on your boarding pass.

3. If you check in on CSN website, please keep an eye on the deadline for boarding on the webpage.

4. Pay attention to any notices related to your flight that you see or hear at the airport.

What shall I do if I miss my flight?

If passengers miss their flights due to their own fault, they can refund their tickets according to provisions for voluntary refund. If it is due to reasons related to CSN, CSN will arrange for the passengers to take a subsequent flight. If passengers require a ticket refund, this can be satisfied according to provisions of unwilled refund.