Airport Automatic Check-in Machines

What is an automatic check-in machine?

The automatic check-in machine of CSN is a way of providing for passengers to go through the relevant procedures by themselves at airport, which is for the convenience of passengers’ travel. The automatic check-in is a new way of doing check-in at airport which is distinguished from traditional check-in counters. There is no need for passengers who use the automatic check-in machines to wait for airport clerks to print boarding passes and allocate seats. Instead passengers can access all their flight data with the specific check-in certificates at automatic check-in machines, and according to the step by step screen prompts, choose their seats, validate related check-in information and finally get their boarding passes from the machine.

Which airports have automatic check-in machines?

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Who can use the automatic check-in machines?

Passengers that possess valid e-tickets for China Southern Airlines domestic and international flights (currently only includes some international flights for Asia and Australia)can check in via a kiosk. It is very convenient and fast.

Are automatic check-in machines available for paper tickets?

You can not access automatic check-in machines with paper tickets presently. If you hold a paper ticket, please go through the check-in procedures at our service counter.

Is an automatic check-in machine available for children accompanied or not accompanied by an adult?

Sorry, so far children and infants are not able to use automatic check-in machines. Please go through their check-in procedures at our service counter.

Can I use automatic check-in machines for international travel tickets?

Travel tickets for international flights (limited to some of the flights in the attachment) can be used for self-check in

Can I use automatic check-in machines for tickets that I buy from a travel agency or a ticketing website?

Yes, you can. You can access automatic check-in machines with valid e-tickets of CSN no matter where you buy them..

Under what situations should I go to a service counter when I undergo self-service check-in?

Under some special situations, you need to present your relevant documents at the service counter if there is an inconsistency in the name on your certificate and ticket, and to ask for help from an airport clerk.

What is the last minute for me to perform self-service check-in with the airport’s automatic check-in machine?

The same as the check-in at counters. At some airports, you should complete your check-in no later than 30 minutes before the departure, and at some other airports, you should finish it no later than 45 minutes before the departure. So you should pay attention to all relevant information before hand.

How do the automatic check-in machines identify your booking information?

There are three ways to identify your booking information via the automatic check-in machines of CSN: First, put your second generation ID card at the clock in/out to identify it; second, input your ticket number, ID card number or Sky Pearl number on the touch screen; third, scan your cellphone’s two-dimensional code.

Can I change my seat via the automatic check-in machine?

No, please change your seat at an airport service counter.

Can I change to a flight with an earlier or later departure time via an automatic check-in machine?

No, please go to the airport service counter.

Can the automatic check-in machine handle the class upgrade procedures?

Sorry, the upgrade service is not available at the automatic check-in machine presently. Please go to the service counter.

Can I buy tickets through the automatic check-in machine?

No. The automatic check-in machine is equipment for passengers’ self-service check-in at the airport. It is currently provided by CSN without ticketing functions.

Which languages are provided for the automatic check-in machine?

Chinese and English.