What is a code-sharing flight?

A code-sharing flight refers to one flight that is marketed by one airline corporation and operated by another.

Why do airline corporations offer code-sharing flights?

From the passengers’ point of view, the advantages of code-sharing flights are as follows:

Based on the joint air line network, planes can fly to more places;

Coordinated and well-ordered flight schedule can make a reasonable linkage of flights;

Through management of frequent flyers, passengers integrate with the marketing company;

Reduce the transit time in the airport linkage;

The sharing parties can enjoy the united network so as to offer more choices of charges;

Seamless transfer flights are offered in a unified way under one airline, offering convenience to your trip;

In some airports, the sharing parties can enjoy the equipment that transport the passengers and luggage.

How is a code-sharing flight formed?

We assume two probable roles of the participants for bilateral agreements: one is the carrier and the other is marketer.

Carrier: the airline who actually executes the flight with itsl airplane;

Marketer: the airline who sells the flight number of itself but does not execute the actual flight.

Why does the airline provide me with flights from other airlines?

CSN has signed agreements with some other airlines which allow us, with their flights, to provide more choices for passengers to fly to more cities with more flights.

What services can CSN provide to passengers in a code-sharing flight?

We provide our passengers with the services of flight transfer, reschedule, ticket refunding and other air travel services.

Can I receive the change information for a code-sharing flight?

CSN has signed different code-sharing agreements with many airlines. When the code-sharing flight is changed, if the passengers buy their air tickets from the agents of CSN, the ticket agents would be responsible for informing the passengers of the changes; if the passengers buy their air tickets from the website of CSN, the related department of CSN would be responsible for informing the passengers of the changes.