Sunshine Overseas Travel Insurance

Important notes:

(1)Successful purchase of this insurance plan is subject to the generation of the policy.

(2)Please read this page and applicable insurance clauses and pay special attention to "Exclusions" and "Definitions" in the clauses before the application.

(3)Please read carefully the excluded regions and groups before the application so as to fully protect your rights and benefits.

(4)Sunshine Insurance’s 24-hour claim reporting line: 95510, 24-hour global assistance hotline : +86-10-84685613. Be sure to dial the global assistance hotline to report a claim as soon as you can after the incident in order that the insurer and the assistance company can provide medical assistance to you as soon as possible. If you handle the case by yourself without dialing the assistance hotline, your claim might be rejected.

(5)The maximum insurance period for a single trip is 180days, and the policy will expire if exceeding the time limit.

(6)For this insurance, the insured must be within the age of 80 years, with his/her place of residence being within the People’s Republic of China (PRC), who travels abroad for a short time.

(7)According to the insurance company requirements,our website would upgrade this insurance product since April 1, 2020. For the previously sold policy, the insurance company will continue to assume responsibility for the purchased policy in accordance with the original terms of insurance. All insurance liabilities are subject to the policy terms.


Insurance Products and Service Information

1)Insurance Products

CSair Sunshine Overseas Travel Insurance

Benefits Asia(Excluding Japan) Europe Globol
Accident death,disability and burns 100,000 200,000 300,000
Aviation accident insurance 600,000 600,000 600,000
Acute illness 50,000 50,000 50,000
Medical reimbursement covers overseas outpatient and hospitalization medical expenses(For each occurrence,sublimit of aiding equipment is RMB2500) 50,000 300,000 300,000
Medical delivery and return to the country of return 100,000 400,000 600,000
Body/Cremains Repatriation 100,000 200,000 300,000
Emergency rescue (medical transfer, return, payment) 50,000 50,000 100,000
Compassion visit(take round-trip air ticket (economy class) or other suitable transportation cost and reasonable accommodation cost (no more than 1000 yuan per night for 5 consecutive days)) 10,000 20,000 20,000
Passionate Visit 20,000 20,000 20,000
Family member handle the funeral 20,000 20,000 20,000
Repatriation of the minor children of the Insured 10,000 20,000 20,000
Inpatient escort for minors 20,000 20,000 20,000
Emergency return to the country of residence 20,000 20,000 20,000
Hotel accommodation in a recuperation period 20,000 20,000 20,000
Loss of travel documents 3,000 3,000 3,000
Flight delay(RMB300 for every 3 hours of delay) 300 600 600
Baggage delay(RMB500 for every 8 hours of delay ) 1,000 2,000 2,000
Visa rejection( Deductible for each insured event is 20% of claim payment) / 500 /
Baggage damage(Sports equipment including accessories are in each case insured up to 25% of the insured sum) 600 600 600
Bank card and cheque fraudulent charges caused by robbery an theft(Deductible for each insured event is 20% of claim payment) 2,000 2,000 2,000
Household Property Insurance 2,000 3,000 5,000

b.Clauses name and approval number:

Clauses name approval number
Sunshine Property Overseas Travel Accident Insurance Clause(Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2015](主)69号
Sunshine Property Aviation Passenger accident casualty Clause(Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2014](主)22号
Sunshine Property Travel Delay Expenses Clause B (Ed.2016) (阳光财险)(备-其他) [2016] (附) 179号
Sunshine Property Checked Luggage Delay Expenses Clause(Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-其他) [2014] (附) 15号
Sunshine Property Oversea Travel Emergency Medical Assistance Insurance Clause (Ed.2016) (阳光财险)(备-医疗保险) [2016] (附) 157号
Sunshine Property Oversea Travel accident injury Medical insurance Clauses (Ed.2015) (阳光财险)(备-健康)[2015](附)587号
Sunshine Property Checked Luggage Clause(Ed.2015) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2015](附)569号
Sunshine Property Schengen visa refusal to sign the insurance clause(Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2014](附)19号
Sunshine Property Travel Insurance Clause for Theft and Robbery of Bank Card and Check Clause(Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2014](附)13号
Sunshine Property Oversea Travel Household Property Insurance Clause (Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-家财)[2014](附)20号
Sunshine Property Loss of Travel Document Insurance Clause (Ed.2014) (阳光财险)(备-意外)[2014](附)14号

c.The sales and service supplier of these insurance products is China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

d.The applicant and the insureds declare and affirm that the applicant and the passengers (i.e. the insureds) agree on the enrollment and the sum insured, after they read all the insurance terms and accepted the provisions on such major issues as exclusions and surrender, and that they have provided authentic and accurate information for application and are willing to be liable for any concealment or false declaration.


2.Customer service hotline:


China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.:4006380380;

Sunshine Property and Casualty has 36 branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong and Jiangsu etc.,Customer service line:95510;

Online self-service insurance claim:


3. Insured Period

The insurance period of this insurance contract is subject to the commencement and termination dates as stated in the policy.


4. Insurance coverage and features

(1) Accident death,disability and burns

Sunshine Property will pay insurance money once and for all during the insured period because of the accident and death.

(2)Aviation Accident Insurance

As a result of the medical expenses caused by air accident, we will pay the reimbursable, necessary and reasonable medical expenses according to the local social medical insurance department, and pay the "accidental injury medical insurance gold" in a proportion of 100%, without the deductibles.

(3) Acute illness

The insured may apply for an indemnity for the illness or complications caused by the disease or the complication of the disease during the period of the insurance period, or in the seven day after the period of the insurance or the day of the onset of the insurance.

(4) Medical reimbursement covers overseas outpatient and hospitalization medical expenses

The insured shall be treated in the hospital for the accidental injury in the scope of the insurance liability for the valid certificate during the trip abroad. It may apply for indemnity, of which the allowance is 2500 yuan per accident, and the specific amount of the compensation shall be determined by the insurance policy.

(5) Emergency Medical Assistance Insurance

During the period of insurance, if the Insured suffers an accidental injury or acute illness during the course of oversea travel, he/she is obligated to immediately contact the Insurer’s authorized Assistance Organization through the call center, thus the Assistance Organization and its authorized doctors will provide the following emergency assistances and the Insurer will undertake relevant expenses arising therefrom within the Insurance Amount.

(6) Loss of Travel Ticket and Certificate Insurance

During the period of insurance, if the Insured’s travel ticket and certificate (refers to passport, travel traffic ticket and other necessary certificates fir this trip) suffer a loss due to plunder or theft during the oversea travel, the Insurer shall indemnify the Insured for the official charges to obtain a same new certificate and extra reasonable and necessary traffic fee and hotel expense incurred by the Insured for obtaining such same new certificate as per the agreement of this rider, subject to the Insurance Amount specified in the Policy.

(7)Flight delay

a.If the flight that the insured plans to take is delayed by 3 hours or more due to bad weather, natural disasters, mechanical failure, strikes, hijacking or sabotage, temporary protests of other air, maritime workers, terrorist acts, air traffic control or airline overbooking, and the insured does take the flight to the destination, he/she can make a claim. If the flight that the insured plans to take is canceled due to any of the above reasons and the insured is delayed for three hours or more consecutively, the insured can make a claim, provided that the insured takes an alternative flight arranged by CSAir to the destination.

b.Delay time is determined by the following time, whichever is longer: (1) from the scheduled departure time to the actual time of departure, or to the departure time of alternative transportation arranged by the airline; or (2) from the scheduled arrival time to the actual time of arrival time, or to the arrival time of alternative transportation arranged by the airline.

c. Compensation standard: RMB300 for 3-hour delay, RMB100 for additional one-hour delay, the maximum compensation being RMB600.

d. If the insured does not take the original flight or its substitute flight, or claims refund, he/she is allowed to cancel the policy and no insurance payment will occure.

e. If the actual arrival time of the substitute flight arranged by the carrier is earlier than the scheduled arrival time of the original flight of the insured or the insured does not take the earliest substitute flight arranged by the carrier, then no insurance payment will occur.

f. This insurance policy won’t underwrite the flight delay or cancellation caused by the flight seasonal plan adjustment.

g. If the Insured willingly applies for more than one insurances which have the same coverage under different insurances (excluding the insurance of which the policy-holder is a group) underwritten by the Insurer for the same oversea working purpose, the Insurer will make the indemnity only under the policy that has the highest insured amount, and refund the corresponding insurance premiums collected under the same coverage for other insurances.

(8)Baggage delay

During the period of insurance, if the Insured’s checked baggage during the oversea travel dose not arrive within the specified time after the carrying conveyance has arrived the destination, according to the Policy, the Insurer will make the payment as per the corresponding specified Insurance Amount.

(9) Visa rejection

For the first time the insured applies for an exit trip of the Schengen state visa (the exit destination is prescribed by the insurance policy), the cost loss of the visa (excluding any third party service charges) caused by the rejection of the visa by the embassy or consulate can be applied for indemnity and the maximum amount is limited to the amount specified in the policy.

(10)Loss of Checked Baggage Insurance

During the period of insurance, if the Insured’s checked baggage that is controlled by the carrier is lost or damaged due to the carrier’s or any other third parties’ liability during the Insured’s oversea travel, the Insurer will indemnify the actual value or repair costs of the baggage, whichever is lower, as per the agreement of this rider, subject to the Insurance Amount specified in the Policy.

For photo, film, video, audio or media data, the Insurer will only pay the value of the material carrying such photo, film, video, audio or media data, excluding the date itself.

(11)Theft and Robbery of Bank Card and Check

During the period of insurance, in case the bank card or check carried by the Insured is lost, pilfered, robbed or grabbed, which results an unauthorized person to use the bank card or check in the following circumstances, the Insurer shall indemnify the Insured for the loss of funds caused by the same reason under the account opened in the card issuer within the limit of indemnity for this Rider specified in the policy after deducting the deductibles:

1. Use the bank card or check to withdraw deposit or transfer at the bank counter;

2. Use the bank card or check to withdraw deposit or transfer at an ATM;

3. Use the bank card for consumption, including not limited to online shopping.

However, the loss of funds must occur within 48 hours before reporting the loss of bank card or check during the valid period of this Rider and the Insured must report the loss of bank card or check within 24 hours after the bank card or check is lost, pilfered, robbed or grabbed.

(12) Household Property Insurance

During the period of insurance, if the indoor insured property located at the Insured’s place of usual residence within the territory and specified in the Policy is damaged by the following reasons during the Insured’s oversea travel, the Insurer shall be liable for the direct loss or damage according the agreement of this rider. The Insurer will calculate the payment as per the insured property’s actual value at the time of loss or the repairing expenses, whichever is lower, subject to the Insurance Amount specified in the Policy:

a.Fire and explosion;

b.The falling of flying objects, collapse of external objects

c.Typhoon, windstorm, rainstorm, tornado, lightning strike, flood, hail, snow, cliff slide, icicle, mud-rock flow, and earth subsidence or sinking caused by natural disaster.


5.Age limit:The entry age of the insured must be within the scope from 14days to 80 years old.


6.Limit of number of insured: This product is restricted to one purchase per person, and the excess part is invalid.


7. Premium payment: Passengers applying for this product shall pay the premium and the air fare at the same time.


8. Insurance contract: Passengers choose to purchase this product while booking a plane ticket and payment of the premium shall constitute the signing of the insurance contract.


9. Remission and change rules

1) Refunds

①before the flight takes off, passengers can contact the China Southern Airlines Customer Service Hotline 95539 for refund and apply for surrender.

②after the flight takes off, if the passenger ticket is not used in 24 hours, it can contact the Southern Airlines Service Hotline 95539 to apply for a refund and apply for the remission and not be refunded for more than 24 hours.

③ The period of the insurance has been completed, and the insurance shall not be refunded.

2) Change matters

①after the departure of the first flight, the travel schedule will be changed without changing the policy, and the travel beyond the "insurance period" will not be covered.

② All flights are not used. If the airline tickets are changed, international insurance will be processed.


10. Insurance policy: For this insurance, we adopt the innovative e-insurance sales model. After enrollment is completed and the policy is generated, you can inquire about and download the electronic policy and insurance clauses through your China Southern Airlines order. download link:


11. Insurance invoice: This insurance provides electronic invoice.You can download the insurance electronic invoice by youself through .


12.Authenticity Checking Telephone Number

a. Customer service line of the China Southern Airlines Website : 40066-95539.

b. China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.:4006380380。

c. Customer service line of Sunshine Insurance:95510


13. Security of information security of passengers

We promise to protect confidential information such as identity information, insurance transaction information and insurance transaction security.


14. FAQ

1) What are the insurance items for Pearl Overseas Travel Insurance

Accident death,disability and burns

Aviation accident insurance

Acute illness

Medical reimbursement

Emergency Medical Assistance Insurance

Loss of Travel Ticket and Certificate Insurance

Flight delay

Baggage delay

Visa rejection

Loss of Checked Baggage Insurance

Theft and Robbery of Bank Card and Check

Household Property Insurance

2) How much is the charge per policy?

The charge is subject to the price shown in insurance slip.

3) How to purchase this insurance product?

You can login to China Southern Airlines website or China Southern Airlines mobile APP and purchase this product with the air ticket.

4) Is there an insurance age limit for the purchase of this insurance product?

Yes, the insured must be a southern airline passenger who is 14days to 80 years old.

5) Do I have to specify the beneficiary of the policy?

When you buy insurance, if you do not specify the beneficiary of the death insurance, the death benefits will be paid to your heir. All other insurance indemnity will be paid to you or the insured directly.

6) How should I apply for compensation for flight delays?

You need to submit "flight delay" certificate issued by China Southern Airlines, including flight number and date, length of delay and reasons for delay. Or you can let South China specify the arrival time and seal on your boarding pass.If you need to consult for the claim issue, please dial the service hotline of China Southern Airlines website 40066-95539.

7) What certificates do I need to apply for compensation of "loss of checked baggage"?

You need to submit the following claim documents:

(1) written proof of the destruction, loss or damage of checked baggage and corresponding compensation certificate issued by the airline;

(2) Fill in the claim application form and the other certificates and information related to the claim for Sunshine Insurance.

8) What certificates do you need to apply for compensation of "baggage delay"?

You need to submit the "baggage delay" certificate issued by China Southern Airlines, including the flight number and date, the length of baggage delay.

9) How should I apply for the claim compensation?

If you buy Sunshine Insurance products, you can fill in the insurance claim application form (click for download) , after then you could contact the Sunshine Insurance by the number mentioned at the begin of the form.

10) Special tips about claims

(1) limitation of claim: Our claims service standard is to settle your claims within 10 working days upon the receipt of a completed claim form and all necessary supporting information.

(2) service consultation: when an insurance accident occurs, please call the +86-10-84685613 (foreign) or the insurance company's customer service phone 95510 (domestic) for the first time, so that the professional can help the passengers to complete the claim quickly and effectively.

(3) the insured public transportation means: the fixed wing aircraft operated by the airline company, the airport shuttle bus and the other buses arranged by the airline and confirmed by the insurance company.

(4) this insurance does not cover any insurance accidents that occur on the non-stop flight to Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Sultan, Syria, or during the travel on the above-mentioned countries.

(5) this insurance does not cover members of terrorists or terrorist organizations identified by any state or international organization, or illegally engaged in drug, nuclear, biological or chemical weapons trading personnel.

(6) this insurance does not cover flight delays or flight cancellations caused by flight schedules.

11) Exclusions:Please refer to the insurance clauses.


15. Insurance Clauses

The above contents only provide a brief introduction of the product and do not constitute a part of the insurance contract. Please refer to the insurance contract and terms in detail, subject to its provisions.

《Sunshine Overseas Travel Insurance Clauses》


16.Insurance Broker Commission Contract And Customer Notification

Insurance Broker Commission Contract

Thanks to the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”), China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) is entrusted to handle insurance business. This contract is a valid agreement between Party A and Party B. Party B shall provide insurance brokerage services to Party A in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and Party A shall enjoy the rights and obligations of this contract.

The terms of this contract have a significant relationship with Party A's rights and interests. Party A is requested to confirm that Party A has fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this contract before agreeing to accept insurance brokerage services (hereinafter referred to as "this service"). If Party A checks/clicks "Read and agree", "Agree to the terms of the contract" or otherwise chooses to accept this contract through the insurance order page, it means that Party A fully agrees and accepts all the terms of this contract.

Article 1 Party A entrusts Party B as an insurance broker to represent or assist Party A in handling insurance related matters.

Article 2 The specific matters of commission and service are as follows: 1. to assist Party A in handling various buying of insurance ; 2. to collect and pay the insurance premium and surrender premium of Party A on behalf of Party A; 3. to provide insurance consultation for Party A during the insurance period; 4. to assist Party A in handling insurance claims during the insurance period.

Article 3 Dispute Resolution 1. The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this contract shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. 2. The dispute arising from this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the two parties. If it is unable to reach an agreement, the court in the place where Party B is located shall be the court of first instance.

Customer Notification

Dear Customer:

Thank you for entrusting our company to handle insurance business on your behalf. Our company is an insurance professional intermediary agency that provides intermediary services for insurance applicants and insurance companies to enter into insurance contracts based on the interests of policyholders. In order to protect your legal rights and interests, in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the Supervision of Insurance Brokers", our company fulfills the obligation of informing customers and informs the relevant matters as follows. Please read carefully:

1. Introduction of the Company (1)Name: China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (2) Address: Room 01E1, 5th Floor, Building 2, Gaosheng Square, No. 163 Yingbin Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou (3) License Name and Number: Operating Insurance Brokerage Business License Number 269705000000800 (4) Scope of business: to formulate insurance plans for insurance applicants, select insurers, apply for insurance procedures, assist insured or beneficiaries to make claims; reinsurance brokerage business; provide disaster prevention, loss prevention or risk assessment, risk management consulting services; other businesses approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission In China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (5) Business area: within China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (6) Contact information: 4006380380

2. Please read the insurance clause carefully, focusing on insurance liability, liability exemption, insured rights and obligations, deductible or deductible calculation, health insurance product waiting period, etc., and may require the company's business personnel to explain the above contents in detail.

3. Please explain the relevant provisions of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China on the limitation of claims, the time limit for insurance companies to settle claims, the termination and invalidation of contracts, the insurance quota for minors, and the failure to fulfill the obligation of telling the truth, deliberately causing insurance accidents or exaggerating accidents. Legal consequences resulting from loss, unreal age of declaration, etc.

4. Please pay attention to the branch office information of the insurance company'. If your insurance is purchased in areas where the insurance company does not have a branch office., subsequent services may be affected.

5. According to the provisions of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, if an insurance brokerage institution causes losses to the policyholder or the insured due to the fault, it shall be liable for the compensation according to the law.

6. The Company has fully insured the professional liability insurance in accordance with the “Regulations on Insurance Brokers”.

7. The company does not charge from customers, but the company can get commissions from insurance companies.

8. The senior managers of the company and the company does not have any relationship with the insurance companies and other insurance intermediaries related to the brokerage business. If you find that the company's employees are misleading and doing things that harm your legitimate interests, you can file a complaint with the company. The number for complaints is 4006380380.

Customer Statement: China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. has explained the matters related to insurance, and I/the organization also understands the above contents clearly.

China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.