SME User

1. Any company and its branches legally registered in China, government institutions, enterprises and public institutions, partnerships as well as other institutions and organizations doing legitimate business in China with a business/practice license can apply to become a User. Travel agencies, ticket agencies or other persons engaged in ticket agency business are not allowed to apply to be a User in its own name or in the name of others.
2. China Southern Airlines has the right to approve or deny your registration application, and reserves the right of final interpretation as to whether a registered User can be an Enterprise User.
3. Registration information provided shall be truthful and complete, and call hotline 4008895539 for update in time when changes occur. China Southern Airlines assumes no liability for any loss or dispute arising out of false or incomplete information provided or failure to update information in time.
4. Enterprise User shall keep confidential its username and password, and China Southern Airlines shall not be liable for any loss caused by disclosure of the username and password. Registered Users agree to be responsible for all transactions conducted under its username and password, and China Southern Airlines accepts no liability for any consequences incurred by potential misuse or malicious use of the username and password by others.
5. Rights and Obligations of China Southern Airlines Enterprise Users
(1) The real time seat, flight, ticket inquiry and ticket purchase services provided by China Southern Airlines to Enterprise Users shall be subject to the specific services provided on the website (the Site).
(2) Personal or company data associated with Enterprise Users is protected by law. China Southern Airlines shall not disseminate or disclose Enterprise User information without authorization.
(3) Enterprise Users shall abide by the Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant State laws and regulations, the provisions of the Site, and China Southern Airlines online reservation rules.
(4) Enterprise User promise that it is not a travel agency, a ticket agency or a person engaged in ticket agency business, and all tickets are purchased for personal use only, and no direct or indirect resale or transfer for commercial purposes is involved; otherwise it shall make up the difference between discount fare and full fare for all the tickets purchased, and compensate China Southern Airlines for resultant losses.
6. Disclaimer
(1) For any dispute between Enterprise Users and third parties due to the use of the Site, Enterprise Users agree that China Southern Airlines shall not assume any liabilities and there is no need for China Southern Airlines to mediate or negotiate.
(2) China Southern Airlines shall not be liable in case of failure of normal operation of the Site due to normal system maintenance, system upgrade or network congestion.
(3) China Southern Airlines assumes no liability for the following losses suffered by Users:
A. Losses suffered by Users as the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or not timely.
B. Losses or damages suffered by Users due to false interpretation, use, reproduction or distribution of the content of the Site or disputes arising from infringement of copyright or authorship of others due to the information provided.
C. Problems caused by the Internet (e.g. execution failure or error due to web service, or problems caused by computer virus or computer hardware).
7. Termination of Service
(1) Enterprise User has the right to withdraw its user account.
(2) China Southern Airlines can decide whether to terminate full or part of the services for Enterprise Users at its own discretion, and has the right to terminate any free services provided by the Site without prior notice. Under the above-mentioned circumstances, Enterprise Users agree that China Southern Airlines shall bear no liabilities or other legal responsibilities.
8. Dispute Settlement
Any dispute during the performance of this agreement shall be resolved by both parties through mutual negotiation. If negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the court where the domicile of China Southern Airlines is located.
Declaration: As an applicant for Enterprise User, I have read carefully and understood this Agreement, and I have also read and understood other relevant terms and conditions of the Site.
By clicking online, I agree to accept this Agreement and other relevant terms and conditions of the Site.