Seat Reservation

Seat Reservation Service (the “Service”) is a service newly launched by China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (“CZ”), which provides you with fast, convenient, secure and real-time services by use of Internet technologies. After successful payment of your flight, you can reserve your preferred seat through the Service. Prior to seat reservation, please read the following terms carefully. You have to unconditionally accept all of the following terms before proceed:
1. The Service is only available for passengers with China Southern Airlines E-tickets.
2. The Service is for adult passengers only.
3. The Service is applicable for all China Southern Airlines E-tickets regardless of class.
4. The Service is available for any route departing from a domestic city (excluding international flights).
5. According to relevant provisions of the company, the Service may not be available for some special flights, and you may reserve your seat at China Southern Airlines check-in counter at the airport.
6. Passengers who have reserved a seat should go through check-in procedures via China Southern Airlines online check-in system at one day before departure, or check in at China Southern Airlines counter at the airport one hour before departure.
7. Under special circumstances such as flight cancellation/combination or change of aircraft type/seat layout, the seat you reserved may change accordingly and you should follow the arrangements of the staff at the airport.
8. Only seats marked as “Available” in the seating chart can be reserved; "Occupied" or ”Locked” seats are not available for reservation.
Note: Actual conditions of use may change without prior notice, and the conditions published on the Site shall prevail.
You may view the China Southern Airlines Seat Reservation Manual.