Automatic Check-in Service Instructions and Disclaimer

Automatic Check-in Service Instructions and Disclaimer

In order to facilitate your travel and simplify online check-in procedures, you can voluntarily opt for automatic check-in service in accordance with the following instructions:

1. The automatic check-in service does not apply to children, infants, and passengers who have applied for special services or have reserved exit row seats;

2. The system will perform automatic check-in one or two days (depending on the departure place) before the departure. Please note that we will send you a SMS notification if you have opted for this service.


The automatic check-in may fail due to security reasons, ticket change, aircraft change, flight combination or other special circumstances. The final handling result is subject to the notice of CSAir. If you fail to complete automatic check-in, you must arrive at the airport one hour before departure to go through check-in formalities.

This is a free and optional service provided by CSAir for your convenience. Please keep track of the handling result of automatic check-in service. CSAir shall not bear any losses arising therefrom.