Sunshine Ticket Refund/Change Insurance

Important tips:

1. Whether purchase of the insurance is successful or not, the insurance policy generated by the insurance company shall prevail!

2. Cancellation of the insurance is not allowed once the insurance is purchased.

3、The upgrading fee、price difference and tax is not involved in the insurance coverage.

4、Change fee means the charge for passager’s voluntary request of changing their original flight reservation,including flights,date,cabin and validity,etc.


I.Information on collaborative Product and Service

1、Collaborative Product

(1)Ticket Refund /Change Insurance

Product name Name of the Clause Insured Item Insured Amount
Ticket Refund/ Change Insurance Sunshine Property Ticket Reservation Cancellation Insurance Clause(Ed.2015) Insurance for loss of the insured from ticket refund or change (excluding tax) for failure to take the flight of China Southern Airlines due to family factors, business needs or other reasons. The insured will be compensated in the amount of 50% of all or partial ticket amount that has been paid by the insured but cannot be refunded(excluding upgrading fee、price difference and tax). (In case the insured applies for changing the same ticket many times, or chooses to refund after change, only 50% of the first change fee will be compensated.) The compensation percentage is 50% of the loss from ticket refund or change, with maximum compensation amount of RMB 2,000.

(2)Name of the Clause, No. of Reply Document, No. of Record or No. of Reported Document:

Clauses name Approval number
Sunshine Property Ticket Reservation Cancellation Insurance Clause(Ed.2015) (阳光财险)(备-其他)[2015](主)16号

(3)China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. is the seller of the insurance product (website:

(4)Statement and Confirmation of the Applicant and the Insured:

The applicant and passenger (i.e. the insured) agree to purchase the insurance, accept the insurance amount, and have read all information on the insurance clauses, and understand and accept such important matters as waiver and cancellation of insurance in the clauses. The insurance information filled is true and accurate, and they are willing to assume the legal responsibilities caused by concealment or false information.

2、Customer service hotline:


(2)China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.:4006380380

(3)Sunshine Property & Casualty Customer service line:95510;

(4)Sunshine Property & Casualty has 36 branches in Beijing、Tianjin、Shandong、Sichuan、Guangdong、Jiangsu、Guangxi、Guizhou、Yunnan、Anhui、Dalian、Xizang、Ningxia、Xinjiang、Gansu、Liaoning、Inner Mongolia、Shanxi、Jilin、Qinghai、Chongqing、Shanxi、Shanghai、Heilongjiang、Hebei、Ningbo、Henan、Jiangxi、Hunan、Qingdao、Hainan、Hubei、Dongguan、Shenzhen、Zhejiang、Fujian.

(5)Online self-service insurance claim:

3、Insured Item:

Insurance for loss of the insured from ticket refund or change (excluding tax) for failure to take the flight of China Southern Airlines due to family factors, business needs or other reasons. The insured will be compensated in the amount of 50% of all or partial ticket amount that has been paid by the insured but cannot be refunded. (In case the insured applies for changing the same ticket many times, or chooses to refund after change, only 50% of the first change fee will be compensated.)

Exclusion of liability

The insurer shall not be liable for the compensation for the cancellation of any air tickets directly or indirectly as a result of one of the following circumstances:

(1) Intentional, gross negligence or criminal acts of the insurance applicant or the insured;

(2) Flight cancelation or delay caused by the reason of the travel agency, the airline, the weather or the airport;

(3) Breach of contract, bankruptcy or overbooking by the airline, the travel agency or other agents;

(4) War, civil war, military action, terrorist activity, riot, kidnapping or other similar armed rebellion;

(5) Explosive, radiation or pollution caused by biological, chemical, atomic or nuclear devices;

(6) Epidemic outbreak

(7) Government bans or regulations

Insurers are not liable for any of the following:

(1) Losses caused by the failure of the insured to complete the formalities for refund, renewal or transfer of tickets in a timely manner;

(2) Ticket money returned by the airline to the insured person;

(3) Other losses that do not fall within the scope of liability of this contract

4、Age of insured:

The entry age of the insured must be within the scope from 2 to 90 years old.

5、Limit of insurance policies:

Each person can buy one policy only with more policies invalid.

6、Means of paying premiums:

When buying the insurance product, the premium and ticket price should be paid at the same time.

7、Establish insurance contract

When purchasing air ticket online, passengers select and buy insurance. The insurance contract is established after the premium is paid.

8、Form of policy:

For this insurance, we adopt the innovative e-insurance sales model. After enrollment is completed and the policy is generated, you can inquire about and download the electronic policy and insurance clauses through your China Southern Airlines order. download link: This insurance policy is an electronic policy in both Chinese and English. If you need to apply for a visa, please use a color laser printer to print this policy on the A4 paper, which has the same legal force. If you need a paper policy, please dial Ping An Insurance’s customer services hotline 95511 and ask Customer Service for it.

9、Form of insurance invoice:

This insurance provides electronic invoice.You can download the insurance electronic invoice by youself through .

10、Means of inquiring and verifying policies:

(1)China Southern Airlines website service call: 40066-95539

(2)China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.:020-86131422;

(3)Sunshine Property & Casualty Customer service line:95510;Official website:

11、The obligation to inform truthfully and the possible consequences of breach:

Where an insurer makes inquiries about the subject matter of insurance or the relevant circumstances of the insured when concluding an insurance contract, the applicant shall truthfully inform the insurer. If the policy holder intentionally or because of gross negligence fails to fulfill the obligation of telling the truth stipulated in the preceding paragraph, which is sufficient to affect the insurer's decision whether to agree to underwrite or to raise the premium rate, the insurer shall have the right to cancel the contract.

12、Passenger information confidentiality:

We guarantee confidentiality of the personal information of passenger (the insured), information and security of insurance transactions, etc.


1、How to purchase insurance product?

You can log onto mobile APP/Wechat public account or Wechat mini program of China Southern Airlines to purchase the insurance product while booking ticket.

2、Is there limit of age of the insured for buying the insurance product?

Yes. The insured should be China Southern Airlines passengers aged between 2 and 90.

3、Can the insurance product be surrendered?

The insurance product, once sold, cannot be surrendered.

4、 If the ticket is rescheduled or altered, how to deal with the insurance?

Your insurance is still valid whether you have altered China Southern Airlines flights on a voluntary or involuntary basis. The insurance will automatically change to the altered flight. In case you change a flight voluntarily which results in change fee, you can apply for compensation without changing the original policy. In case your flight is changed involuntarily, The insurance will automatically change to the altered flight.

5、How can I apply for compensations?

To apply for insurance claims log onto ( ). Follow the instructions on the page to check your flight change situation. Fill in your bank card details and other information and upload the relevant documentation (for more info see page guidelines). The insurance company will then confirm the passenger's travel situation and complete the claim via online bank transfer.

6、How many times can I apply for payment if I resign several times? Is there a limit on the number of payments?

The insurance only covers 50 % of the losses of the first resigning procedure, and the remaining resigning costs are not within the scope of compensation. After the compensation is paid, the insurance contract is agreed to terminate.

7、Special tips for insurance claim

(1)How does the insured person provide an account of a minor?

Minors are covered by their guardian. Please select "other" in the China Southern Airlines self-service claim page where you fill in the bank account name and the passenger name and upload the guardian relationship certificate according to the prompts. If you use a household residence booklet, then provide the main page, page of the insured person and the guardian page. If you provide an ID card, then please also provide a child's birth certificate and both sides of the guardian's ID card.

(2)What do I do if I am unable to submit the self-service insurance claim?

Please call China Southern Airlines website service hotline: 40066-95539.

(3)After submitting the claim, how long does it take to receive compensation?

After completion of your self-service claim, if you fulfill the claim conditions, you will receive the compensation in your bank account within 8-15 business days after approval.

III. Download insurance clauses

The above contents are used for readers to understand the product, and do not constitute part of the insurance contract. For more details, please see and refer to the insurance contract and clause. Click to download:Sunshine Property Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits Clause(Ed.2015).doc (33.20 KB) 

IV.Insurance Broker Commission Contract And Customer Notification

Insurance Broker Commission Contract

Thanks to the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”), China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) is entrusted to handle insurance business. This contract is a valid agreement between Party A and Party B. Party B shall provide insurance brokerage services to Party A in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and Party A shall enjoy the rights and obligations of this contract.

The terms of this contract have a significant relationship with Party A's rights and interests. Party A is requested to confirm that Party A has fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this contract before agreeing to accept insurance brokerage services (hereinafter referred to as "this service"). If Party A checks/clicks "Read and agree", "Agree to the terms of the contract" or otherwise chooses to accept this contract through the insurance order page, it means that Party A fully agrees and accepts all the terms of this contract.

Article 1 Party A entrusts Party B as an insurance broker to represent or assist Party A in handling insurance related matters.

Article 2 The specific matters of commission and service are as follows: 1. to assist Party A in handling various buying of insurance ; 2. to collect and pay the insurance premium and surrender premium of Party A on behalf of Party A; 3. to provide insurance consultation for Party A during the insurance period; 4. to assist Party A in handling insurance claims during the insurance period.

Article 3 Dispute Resolution 1. The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this contract shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. 2. The dispute arising from this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the two parties. If it is unable to reach an agreement, the court in the place where Party B is located shall be the court of first instance.

Customer Notification

Dear Customer:

Thank you for entrusting our company to handle insurance business on your behalf. Our company is an insurance professional intermediary agency that provides intermediary services for insurance applicants and insurance companies to enter into insurance contracts based on the interests of policyholders. In order to protect your legal rights and interests, in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the Supervision of Insurance Brokers", our company fulfills the obligation of informing customers and informs the relevant matters as follows. Please read carefully:

1. Introduction of the Company (1)Name: China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (2) Address: Room 01E1, 5th Floor, Building 2, Gaosheng Square, No. 163 Yingbin Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou (3) License Name and Number: Operating Insurance Brokerage Business License Number 269705000000800 (4) Scope of business: to formulate insurance plans for insurance applicants, select insurers, apply for insurance procedures, assist insured or beneficiaries to make claims; reinsurance brokerage business; provide disaster prevention, loss prevention or risk assessment, risk management consulting services; other businesses approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission In China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (5) Business area: within China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (6) Contact information: 4006380380

2. Please read the insurance clause carefully, focusing on insurance liability, liability exemption, insured rights and obligations, deductible or deductible calculation, health insurance product waiting period, etc., and may require the company's business personnel to explain the above contents in detail.

3. Please explain the relevant provisions of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China on the limitation of claims, the time limit for insurance companies to settle claims, the termination and invalidation of contracts, the insurance quota for minors, and the failure to fulfill the obligation of telling the truth, deliberately causing insurance accidents or exaggerating accidents. Legal consequences resulting from loss, unreal age of declaration, etc.

4. Please pay attention to the branch office information of the insurance company'. If your insurance is purchased in areas where the insurance company does not have a branch office., subsequent services may be affected.

5. According to the provisions of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, if an insurance brokerage institution causes losses to the policyholder or the insured due to the fault, it shall be liable for the compensation according to the law.

6. The Company has fully insured the professional liability insurance in accordance with the “Regulations on Insurance Brokers”.

7. The company does not charge from customers, but the company can get commissions from insurance companies.

8. The senior managers of the company and the company does not have any relationship with the insurance companies and other insurance intermediaries related to the brokerage business. If you find that the company's employees are misleading and doing things that harm your legitimate interests, you can file a complaint with the company. The number for complaints is 4006380380.

Customer Statement: China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. has explained the matters related to insurance, and I/the organization also understands the above contents clearly.

China Southern Airlines Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.