March recommendation

TV Drama

Winter Begonia

It tells the story of Beijing opera star Shang Xirui and businessman Cheng Fengtai struggling together in the war, and finally fighting against the cruel fate.

My Brilliant Friend S1-S2

The first book in the "Neapolitan Novels" quadrilogy by pseudonymous Italian author Elena Ferrante. The story is about two young friends whose stormy relationship evolves amidst the backdrop of post-WWII Italy.

Skate Into Love

A speed skating girl crosses paths with the ice hockey god of their school. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, they start on a journey to chase after their dreams.

El Embarcadero S1

After finishing a big deal with her best friend, Alijenda called her husband Oscar.But a few hours later, she received a police call and was told that her husband had committed suicide. She went to the wharf where her husband committed suicide. She found that her husband's death was so strange.

Twenty Your Life On

In the year when four girls are about to graduate, they experience a series of setbacks. Finally, they gain love and growth in life and work.

A Little Reunion

Three families are not only facing the pressure of entering a higher school, but also facing the problem of parent-child relationship.
Variety Show

Louvre - Behind The Scenes

It tells the daily life of the staffs of the Louvre, shows their passion for their profession and love for their works, and unveils the mystery of the most popular Museum in the world.

Sports Max

Sports Max highlights the latest extreme and alternative sports from around the globe, including mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding and many more.

The Great Masters of Painting

With rich professional knowledge and interesting anecdotes, this documentary tells about the wonderful ideas and unsolved mysteries in the master's works of art.

The Authentic Dried Tangerine Peel

It tells the stories of many people and tangerine peel from all over the world. It introduces the use of tangerine peel in life, the inheritance and innovation of its production, and the story of overseas Chinese missing tangerine peel and striving for a better life.

Once Upon a Bite S1-S2

Examining the uniqueness of Chinese food in the world. Exploring the evolution of Chinese food in the history. Discussing the relationship between Chinese people and food.

Cat Nation

Cat Nation takes viewers on a journey into the unique, often bizarre world of Japanese cat culture.


The Story of Rice

From the perspectives of archaeology, ethnology, cultural anthropology, agricultural science and technology, it shows the influence of the origin and development of rice on the progress of human civilization.

The Four Treasures of Chinese Study

Based on the four dimensions of history, emotion, culture and reality, the film reflects the historical context of the evolution of the four treasures of Chinese study, the rich emotions contained in it, the rich cultural traditions and the diverse realistic ecology.

Tough Boats

Undertake epic journeys by boat, in some of the toughest environments on earth.

Arctic United

For one whole month each year, the "Barneo" Arctic camp is set up by Russian polar explorers. It serves as a research facility that hosts international scientists, who study various aspects of Arctic environment, as well as thrill seeking tourists looking for extreme holiday experiences.

Collar of Duty

It tells the story of rescuing animals and rescued people. And how well-trained animals help human beings get rid of all kinds of trauma.

Seasons in the Wild

The spring air has lost its winter chill. Torpor and hibernation are two of nature's most ingenious ways to cope with changes in climate, food supply and energy. Autumn's effects are inescapable. The changes to nature autumn causes manifest themselves in a myriad of different ways.