April recommendation

TV Drama

South Wind Knows

A romantic love story with Yunshen and Jiu Zhu.

Fisk Season1

Helen Tudor-Fisk is a lawyer. She works at a shabby, two-bit, suburban solicitors' office that specialises in probate law - the business of defending and contesting wills. Her job is to determine exactly who is entitled to how much.

All the Way to the Sun

This drama mainly tells the story of two post-80s girls, Li Mujia and Tian Rong, who struggle in the big city after graduation, help each other and encounter various setbacks to finally find their heart's desire.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor

The Master brings the Daleks and Cybermen together to wipe the Doctor and Earth from existence.

Sweet Tooth Season1

A boy who is half human and half deer survives in a post-apocalyptic world with other hybrids.

Young Sheldon Season 6

It isn't easy for Sheldon Cooper to grow up in East Texas. The once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science isn't always helpful in a land where church and football are king. And while Sheldon deals with the world, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him.

Sanditon Season 2

About Charlotte Heywood, a spirited and impulsive woman, who moves from her rural home to Sanditon, a fishing village attempting to reinvent itself as a seaside resort.
Variety Show

Mr. Foodie's Journey to Chinese Poems

Funny and humorous without tampering with history. All-round let the audiences understand a poem.

Kings of the Wood Season 2

From the producers of The Repair Shop, Kings of the Wood are an elite group of master carpenters, working out of a beautiful forest location and coming together to build extraordinary, functional items for people who truly deserve them.

The Great British Bake off Season13

The Great British Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK's Best Amateur Baker. Over the course of six hour-long episodes, the series follows the trials and tribulations of the competitors, young and old...

Delicious Food for Season Season 1

Feel the charm of the treasure of the museums and understand the meaning of civilization.

Gala from Berlin

Sonorous foundation, radiant high notes, intelligent shaping: all this makes Jonas Kaufmann a leading singer worldwide. The programme includes famous preludes from Italian opera, Piotr Tchaikovsky's rapturous Capriccio Italien and the most beautiful pieces from Sergei Prokofiev's ballet...

Grand Designs: House of the Year Season 7

This year, Kevin will be looking at categories that include rural homes, homes by the water, those drawing on local traditions and materials, and an entirely new group of houses he's labeled 'naked minimalism'.


Dynasties Season2

Filmed over four years in glorious locations around the globe, this intimate landmark series pulls you into the lives of some of the world's most iconic animals. As their stories unfold, you witness their incredible determination to protect their family line in the face of challenges to their...


A series that explores periods of unrivalled domination in the sport. Chapters from sport's greatest careers and iconic dynasties. An in-depth study into greatness - the incredible feats and eras that echo through sporting history.

Conversation Between Civilizations

It is the first time to gather the world's top museums, high-end interviews, cultural relics display, history telling, and cultural protection technology popularization.

Planet Earth Season 3

Completing the Planet Earth trilogy, Planet Earth III explores the greatest habitats on our planet and the extraordinary animals that live in them. Filled with wonder and insight, Planet Earth III celebrates places and animals beyond our imagination.

Science's Greatest Mysteries

Does science have all the answers? This series examines some of the biggest riddles facing scientists today. We've solved some of the most complex questions about our world and the universe. But the more we discover, the more problems emerge.

Wind from the East

The documentary focus on the development and achievements of Chinese culture since the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and its impact on countries along the Belt and Road.