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Card Games
Landlord, one of the most popular card games in China, is a score based game. Each round, players bid on becoming the landlord, the winner receives extra cards. The other players become peasants. The landlord wins if he or she plays out all the cards first, and the peasants win if either one of them discards their cards.
Tanks War
Your homeland is being invaded! Fight back with your tanks in more than 20 interactive levels.
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Board & Strategy
Achieve a hand of cards, which points total nearer to 21 than the banker's hand, but without exceeding 21.
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Chinese Mahjong
Board & Strategy
A good strategy as well as being skilled at calculating and recalling is required to beat your opponents in this classic Chinese game.
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Five in a Row
Board & Strategy
It is a Chinese originated strategic board game. Be the first player to put five stones of your own color in a row. Your opponent will do everything to prevent you from winning. Use your judgement to predict the other player’s strategy.
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Chinese Chess
Board & Strategy
Use a good strategy, and adjust it to your opponent's moves in order to beat them in a classic game of Chinese chess.
Match up three or more animal tiles in a row to eliminate them and score points. Try to get the biggest combos and score as many points as possible. But think quickly, the clock is ticking!