Inflight Internet Services

Inflight Internet Service

1、China Southern Airlines is providing the complimentary inflight Wi-Fi service on the some flights and will gradually expand the operation routes and flights.For detailed flight information, please click here(Service validity and flight information are for reference only; actual operating aircrafts and their tail numbers shall prevail).

2、First class, Business Class passengers are entitled to In-flight Internet Services without applying.

3、Premium Economy Class and Economy Class passengers may redeem mileage for In-flight Internet Services through the China Southern Airlines APP . We will send SMS notices concerning the in-flight WiFi service to passengers who have successfully purchased the product . Please offer your domestic mobile number in China.

Product Content: China Southern Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi service products as shown in the following table.

Product Description (Trial Service) Price Notes
Inflight WiFi Access(Domestic) 1500km High-speed In-flight WiFi Service is available on the current flight.
Inflight WiFi Access(International) 4999km

4、Passengers who have purchased the class upgrade product and are upgraded to First Class and Business Class are not entitled to the In-flight Internet Services. For redemption, please refer to the redemption rules applicable to Pearl Economy Class and Economy Class passengers.

How to apply?

You may apply in the following ways

“China Southern Airlines APP”->“Travel Guide -> Inflight Internet Service”

“China Southern Airlines APP”->“Itinerary -> Itinerary Card Details -> Inflight Internet Service"

“China Southern Airlines APP”-> “Search Box on Homepage -> Search for "Inflight Internet Service"

Mini app “China Southern Airlines” in Wechat

Touch screen official

During the flight, connect to the wireless network named“CSAIR”and visit, (only available on CSAIR In-flight WiFi flights)

Gentle Reminder

Make sure the system and browser of your electronic device are updated to the latest version to obtain the best experience from our in-flight network.

Out-of-service circumstances:

(1)The inflight Wi-Fi maybe out of service due to some unpredictable circumstances, including but not limited to aircraft adjustment, airplane tail number changing,equipment maintenance, system upgrading, and device/browser compatibility, which is subject to the actual conditions of flights.For passengers who have not used the inflight Wi-Fi product (traffic usage does not exceed the threshold of 1MB on an involuntary and voluntary basis), they may use it on other CSAIR flights available with inflight Wi-Fi service during the validity period, or return the product via the CSAIR APP.

(2)The Wi-Fi service will be available when the flight altitude is over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters), and will be disabled automatically once below this altitude.

(3)There can be several satellite beam switches on international routes, during which the internet access may be disconnected for 5-10 minutes (The system will automatically reconnect to the internet). Sorry for the inconvenience. China Southern Airlines is not responsible for any data loss or damage during the usage of internet service.

(4)Under certain extreme circumstances, the inflight Wi-Fi service may affect air safety. To ensure flight and communication safety, please follow the arrangements of flight attendants and we reserve the right to suspend the service.

(5)Restrictions for the product: software downloads and updates, cloud storage, iOS and Android updates, as well as websites and applications unallowable under the law are not available when using the In-flight WiFi service.

For pre-flight preparation and on-board operation, please refer to Inflight Wi-Fi Operation Guidelines of China Southern Airlines.

For detailed product and service terms, please refer to The Use Agreement on Inflight Wi-Fi Product and Service.