<Chinese Top Hits>
Tomorrow Never Ends
Artist:Isabelle Huang
It's the biggest surprises for Tomorrow Never Ends that Isabelle attempts to create a richer, diverse, and mix-and-match style.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Stick to the End
In this album, Stringer wants to tell everyone to look at the world from a different perspective, and you will find every day is full of miracles and surprises.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Dual Fantasy
Artist:The Bestime
The album's biggest highlight is world style, which includes different regions, different cultures, different styles of music.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Nan Sun
The album takes "Music Walker" as the main body, and takes music journey and life journey as the concept to find the meaning of life.
<Chinese Top Hits>
10 songs of Live are composed by Silence with various music styles.
<Cantonese Favorites>
Artist:Kay Tse
Slowness allows the listener to slow down, lets the song massage your mind, and makes you reconsider the attitude toward life.
<US&EURO hits>
Cape God
Artist:Allie X
Cape God is the 2nd studio album by Canadian artist Allie X.
<US&EURO hits>
Artist:Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's musical transformation is heralded by Butterfly with many black music elements.
<US&EURO hits>
New Hope Club
Artist:New Hope Club
New Hope Club is the self-titled debut studio album by British pop band New Hope Club.
<US&EURO hits>
Earth To Mars
Artist:Bruno Mars
The album includes some demos that Bruno Mars created for other artists, as well as remaining unreleased songs.
<Asian Hits>
Artist:Miyuki Nakajima
CONTRALTO features ten songs which are produced and performed by Miyuki Nakajima.
<Asian Hits>
Sing All Love
Artist:Minori Chihara
Sing All Love is about love, singing all kinds of love on lovers, friends, family and so on.
<Asian Hits>
Artist:Utada Hikaru
Exodus is the first English album that Utada spares no efforts to create for the American music scene!
<Asian Hits>
Artist:Fujii Kaze
This is Fujii Kaze's debut album which contains 11 songs wrote and composed by himself.
<Western Classical Music>
Reubke: Organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm in C minor
Artist:Joseph Berger
Joseph Berger takes a wonderful interpretation of Reubke: Organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm in C minor.
<Western Classical Music>
Der junge Beethoven
Artist:Martin Stadtfeld
The famous pianist Martin Stadtfeld brings you the performance of the Beethoven classics.
<Western Classical Music>
Mozart- Symphony No. 31 in D major "Paris", Symphony No. 36 in C major "Linz"
Artist:Berliner Philharmoniker
Berliner Philharmoniker plays Mozart's works.
<Ambient&Light Music>
The Art Of The Piano
Artist:Fabrizio Paterlini
It's a piano solo album, and all tracks are composed by Paterlini.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Piano and Light
Artist:Brian Crain
All tracks are presented in the way of piano solo, which is more like the inner monologue of a musician.
The Show Must Go On
This mini EP contains 4 songs by Queen.
The Doors
Artist:The Doors
The Doors is the debut album by the American rock band The Doors.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
Chun Jiang Qiu Shui
Artist:Tan Jing
Tan Jing's debut album after becoming a mother, interprets the classic Chinese style.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Chinese GuQin of Sky Ⅴ
Artist:Wu Na
Follow the long sound of Guqin to find the pure land of the soul.
Lovely Baby Learn
Artist:Raimond Lap
Soothing music for infants and young children.
La Vârsta De 5 Ani
Artist:Cleopatra Stratan
Cleopatra released her second album with the hit song "Zunea-Zunea".