<Chinese Folk Songs>
Movements Of Prosperity - Folk Songs Forever
Artist:Black Duck Trio
Dream back to the classic red years and relive the long-lost and familiar feelings.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
The Moon over the Grassland
Artist:Wulan Tuoya
It features fine songs, excellent production, and exquisite singing.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
Great Swallow - North Fort
In the album, Husileng's unrestrained performance is more wild and heroic, not as the lead singer of the Erguna Band.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
Shangri-la in Dream
Artist:Wulan Tuoya
Close your eyes and feel the natural sound of Wulan Tuoya, as if it really brings us to the long-awaited Shangri-la.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Spring, Autumn and Warring States
Artist:Yue Jin
"Spring, Autumn and Warring States", which symbolizes the new era and interprets the connotation, will bring unprecedented feelings.
<Chinese Folk Music>
The Mystery Of Homeland 1
Artist:Hanying Li
Go into the world of Chinese meditation, and let you enjoy romance and feel nature in music.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Chinese Bamboo Flute
Artist:Guozhong Wu
It is a flute and Xiao album full of water-ink poetry and oriental connotations.
<Chinese Folk Music>
On the Frontier
Artist:Yueming Wang
The famous composer Yueming Wang joins hands with several masters of folk instruments to perform the soul-stirring scenery beyond the frontier.
<Chinese Operas>
Classics of Past Hundred Years 17
Artist:Various Artists
It is enough to make people feel the history of Chinese records that have gone through the tough times and several glories over the past century.
<Western Classical Music>
Nielsen: The Concertos
Artist:Fabio Luisi
The album is a wonderful interpretation of the highly distinctive and expressive works.
<Western Classical Music>
Bach Generations
Artist:Albrecht Mayer
The Oboe player Albrecht Mayer focuses on the musical legacy of the Bach generations.
<Western Classical Music>
Ysaÿe: 6 Sonatas for Violin Solo, Op. 27
Artist:Hilary Hahn
Hilary Hahn, three-time Grammy Award winning violinist, presents her newly record of 6 sonatas for solo violin of Ysaÿe.
<Western Classical Music>
Music for a New Century
Artist:Daniel Hope
The album showcases the pure charm of composition in the postmodern age.
<Western Classical Music>
Singers of the Century: Primadonna Coloratura
Artist:Berlin Symphony Orchestra
The album is brilliantly performed by Berlin Symphony Orchestra.
<Western Classical Music>
Deep Heights
Artist:Richard Wagner
With a great passion for contemporary music, it is the perfect interpretation of Wagner's classic.
<Western Classical Music>
Philip Glass: String Quartet No.3 "Mishima"
Artist:Philip Glass
Philip Glass starts a powerful musical journey!
<Western Classical Music>
Jean Sibelius
Artist:Berliner Philharmoniker
The album collects the masterpieces of Sibelius which are performed by Berliner Philharmoniker.
<Ambient&Light Music>
The City Sounds
Artist:The Easy Frequency
There are different sounds in every corner of the city, and listen to every frequency of urban life.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Angel Above My Piano
Artist:Fiona Joy Hawkins
It's a beautiful and emotional journey that takes you to the scenery of your dreams.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Artist:Wayne Gratz
Wayne Gratz hides romance and warmth on the piano, making you quiet, like bathing in sunlight...
<Ambient&Light Music>
Beyond the Sundial
Artist:Kevin Kern
The album is a unique, surrealistic, dreamy work in the history of piano music.
Lick It Up
Life is short, don't worry, and waiting might be a waste.
Best of George Benson Live
Artist:George Benson
George Benson cleverly combines jazz with pop music, showing off his extraordinary and refined skills.
The Pink Loveliness
Artist:Xinyu Shen
The album contains the songs, which is the favorites of thousands of fans.
It is suitable for children aged 0-6 to learn English, creating the cutest nursery rhyme in history.