<Chinese Top Hits>
Timeless Love
Artist:Steve Chou
In 2014, Steve Chou released album Timeless Love after recovering from illness, which included 10 songs.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Tiger Hu
Tiger Hu rearranged 10 classic songs, and injected freshness into them.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Wang Feng
2020 is Wang Feng's original album released on April 20, 2020, and it is also the 13th album of him.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Under The Sky...
Artist:Jian Li
This is Jian Li's first cover album. He rearranged classic songs, and brought a different feeling.
<Chinese Top Hits>
So Far So Close
Artist:Richie Jen
This album is the last album of Richie Jen on Rolling Stone Records. It contains 11 songs.
<Cantonese Favorites>
Shine A Light
Artist:Alan Tam
Alan Tam cooperated with the Guangzhou Orchestra and released album Shine A Light.
<US&EURO hits>
Different World
Artist:Alan Walker
Different World is the debut studio album by Alan Walker. The album includes his successful single "Faded".
<US&EURO hits>
We Are Born
This is Sia's fifth studio album, and the album combines a variety of styles, such as Dance, Rock, etc.
<US&EURO hits>
25 is the third studio album released by British singer-songwriter Adele.
<US&EURO hits>
Illuminate (Deluxe)
Artist:Shawn Mendes
Illuminate is the second studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. The album contains music genres pop, rock and blues.
<Asian Hits>
On April 20, 2020, Got7 released their eleventh EP "Dye".
<Asian Hits>
Gentlemen's Game is the sixth album of South Korean boy band 2PM. The album contains 10 songs of different styles.
<Asian Hits>
Grateful Rebirth (First Return)
Artist:Tsuyoshi Domoto
Grateful Rebirth is a mini original album of Japanese singer-songwriter Tsuyoshi Domoto.
<Western Classical Music>
Berg & Brahms
Artist:Denis Pascal
Berg & Brahms was born of Jerome Comte's meeting with the pianist Denis Pascal.
<Western Classical Music>
Fantasy in C major 'wanderer', op. 15
Artist:Classical Artists
A number of classical artists have teamed up to play Schubert's works.
<Western Classical Music>
Schubert: Six Moments Musicaux
Artist:Yulia Petrov
Yulia Petrov brilliantly performs moments musicaux of Schubert.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Harmony Grove
Artist:Greg Maroney
Harmony Grove is derived from Greg Maroney's rural life experiences over the past year.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Artist:Andrei Machado
The album includes 8 songs played by Andrei Machado who is a Brazilian composer.
Use Your Illusion II
Artist:Guns N' Roses
Use Your Illusion II is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Guns N' Roses.
Artist:Karen Souza
It is so surprising for the originality and beauty of the new album LANGUAGE OF LOVE.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
The Motherland Will Not Forget
Artist:Xiumei Yin
The album features popular songs, is well made and extremely worth collecting.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Guchu Qin Music (Vol.6)
Artist:Jiaxiang Li
Guchu Qin Music (Vol.6) contains ten guqin songs played by Jiaxiang Li in different periods.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Favourite Qin Pieces of CHEN Xi-cheng
Artist:Xicheng Chen
The album collects 17 qin pieces played by Xicheng Chen.
Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic
Artist:Connie Talbot
Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic is the third album of English child singer Connie Talbot.
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei
his album is the OST of cartoon The Legend of Luo Xiaohei.