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June movie recommendation

B for Busy

Director:Yihui Shao

Actor:Zheng Xu, Yili Ma

A divorced, retired painting teacher from Shanghai falls in love with a woman who is also divorced. The involvement of his ex-wife and a student of his makes the whole thing complicated.


Director:Roland Emmerich

Actor:Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson

A mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it.

Minuscule 2: Mandibles from Far Away

Director:Hélène Giraud

Actor:Bruno Salomone, Thierry Frémont

When the first snow falls in the valley, it is urgent to prepare its reserves for the winter. Alas, during the operation, a small ladybug is trapped in a box - to the Caribbean. One solution: reform the shock team.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Director:Matt Reeves

Actor:Judy Greer, Andy Serkis

After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.

Run, Shunzi!

Director:Chunliang Zhao

Actor:Yuan Xu, Lei Fan

The film tells the story of Shunzi born in a mountainous region in Yunnan: After being found a genius in running, Shunzi makes unremitting efforts along with her instructor; after trials and tribulations, Shunzi realizes her dream to be a medal-winning professional athlete from an amateur.

Crazy Alien

Director:Hao Ning

Actor:Bo Huang, Teng Shen

A monkey trainer whose act goes wrong after an alien crash lands on Earth and injures his monkey. Desperate to perform the act, he attempts to train the alien instead, though is punished after the alien regains his powers.

De Gaulle

Director:Gabriel Le Bomin

Actor:Lambert Wilson, Isabelle Carré

Paris, June 1940. The De Gaulle couple is confronted with the military and political collapse of France. Charles de Gaulle joins London while Yvonne, his wife, finds herself with her three children on the road of the exodus.

East of the Mountains

Director:S.J. Chiro

Actor:Mira Sorvino, Tom Skerritt

Ben Givens learns that he has terminal cancer, he takes his beloved dog back to his boyhood home in Eastern Washington, determined to end his life on his own terms. Ben's journey becomes an adventure against which he pits himself with characteristic stoicism, wit, and determination.

Tiger: My Life as a Cat

Director:Masaya Kakei

Actor:Hiromitsu Kitayama, Mikako Tabe

Suzuo, a struggling manga writer, is knocked down and comes back as a cat. He has one month to turn his family's fortunes around and show his daughter the love he couldn't in life.

Tiger Robbers

Director:Yu Li

Actor:Li Ma, Jia Song

In order to rescue the tiger she regarded as her daughter, a woman cooperated with another female leader of a pet agency on an adventure.