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February movie recommendation

Doctor Strange
Director:Scott Derrickson
Actor:Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton
A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.
Hell or High Water
Director:David Mackenzie
Actor:Ben Foster, Chris Pine
A divorced father and his ex-con older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas.
Director:Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland
Actor:Andy Samberg, Katie Crown
Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error by delivering the baby.
Director:Yiu Fai Lo
Actor:Kara Hui , Carlos Chan
Alone and homeless, Yuk is taken in by Auntie Fen, a middle-aged recluse who leads a solitary existence. At first, their different habits and personalities lead to numerous squabbles, intensified by Yuk's self-centeredness and Fen's odd temperament. As time goes on, Yuk learns Fen is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. The discovery unexpectedly serves as a catalyst for the young man's growth as a caring friend. For the first time in her life, Fen feels truly blessed. But it is a situation rife with irony due to the nature of her disease and the accelerating elusiveness of feelings and memories.
Yesterday Once More
Director:Tingting Yao
Actor:Jingting Bai , Shutong Guo
It adapts from the same name novel of Liutong, it tells from the prejudice to the settlement and to have good feeling between the good student Lin Tianjiao and bad student Gaoxiang. It is about the growing annoyance in the period of youth.
My War
Director:Oxide Pang
Actor:Ye Liu,Luodan Wang,Tony Yang,Qing Ye
This firm tells about a group of great but ordinary young people marching to distant land manfully to defend their country and fight bravely in severe environment.
The Accountant
Director:Gavin O'Connor
Actor:Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick
As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.
A Quiet Passion
Director:Terence Davies
Actor:Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle
The story of American poet Emily Dickinson from her early days as a young schoolgirl to her later years as a reclusive, unrecognized artist.
The Whole Truth
Director:Courtney Hunt
Actor:Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger
A defense attorney works to get his teenage client acquitted of murdering his wealthy father.
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Director:Steve Carr
Actor:Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham
Imaginative quiet teenager Rafe Katchadorian is tired of his middle school's obsession with the rules at the expense of any and all creativity. Desperate to shake things up, Rafe and his best friends have come up with a plan: break every single rule in the school and let the students run wild.
Meet the Patels
Director:Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel
Actor:Ravi Patel, Geeta Patel
An Indian-American man who is about to turn 30 gets help from his parents and extended family to start looking for a wife in the traditional Indian way.
Director:Jonás Cuarón
Actor:Gael García Bernal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
A group of people trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States encounter a man who has taken border patrol duties into his own racist hands.
Hands of Stone
Director:Jonathan Jakubowicz
Actor:Edgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro
The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other's lives.
Ordinary World
Director:Lee Kirk
Actor:Billie Joe Armstrong, Selma Blair
An aging punk rocker copes with life after rock.
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Director:Greg Mottola
Actor:Gal Gadot, Isla Fisher
A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies.
Girl Asleep
Director:Rosemary Myers
Actor:Eamon Farren, Bethany Whitmore
The world is closing in on Greta Driscoll. On the cusp of turning fifteen she can't bear to leave her childhood, it contains all the things that give her comfort in this incomprehensible new world.
Hostile Border
Director:Michael Dwyer
Actor:Julio Cedillo, Roberto Urbina
Deported to Mexico, Claudia's attempts to return to the U.S. thrust her into a dangerous bond with a foreign smuggler, Ricky. Caught between Ricky's promises, and the encroaching military, Claudia must navigate a tightrope of impossible choices.