July recommendation

TV Drama

Growing tiger, roaring dragon E1-E20

Sima Yi against Zhuge Liang: two of the greatest commanders of the Three Kingdoms Era.

The advisors alliance E1-E15

Life of SIMA YI, a famous ancient Chinese advisor during the Three Kingdoms Era who helped the King of WEI Kingdom CAO PI to strive for the throne. His contribution laid the foundation for ending the troubled times.

Day and night E1-E15

Day and Night follows the investigation of a grisly unsolved murder.The police detective in charge is recused from the case when it is revealed that his twin brother is the top suspect.

The King's Woman E1-E10

Gongsun Li, a beautiful commoner, has been studying Kung Fu from her grandfather alongside two senior apprentices ever since she was a little girl. Her world is turned upside down when war breaks out amongst the warring states and her grandfather is killed by the Qin army.

Eternal Love E1-E10

Qingcang provoked a war to the God clan,for which the God clan paid such a heavy price that they sealed Qingcang.In the same year,Yehua was born.Seventy thousand years later,Qingcang broke seal.Green fox Baiqian sealed Qingcang again,but she lost her power,memory and appearance.

Jing-Ju Cats E1-E5

Through efforts and faith of the multitude, Jing-Ju Cats that have been demonized are rescued.

The Young Imperial Guard E1-E5

Ming Dynasty is prosperous under the protection of the Imperial Guards, but there are various problems lurking in the state.

Variety Show

Making the Movies S1E5

Making The Movies is a weekly 30 minute long television show with special behind the scenes footage and everything you need to know how movies are created.

Hollywood Singing & Dancing

Hollywood Singing & Dancing is the most entertaining and comprehensive series about the Hollywood musical ever produced.

A Crazy Day in Amsterdam (1)

A CRAZY DAY IN... is a collection of madcap city guides.

The Chef's Line S1E4 Vietnamese Banh Xeo

In commercial kitchens there exists a clear hierarchy and structure known as The Line.In this series we use this hierarchy as the trigger for a high stakes competition.

A-List Lifestyle S1

A brand new full HD weekly series that gives you an close and intimate peek at the habits of Hollywood's elite.


Do you ever think how our precious creatures react to pranks? Come discover our very new animal hidden camera and enjoy our cute and “cuddlies” in unpredictable situations.

A Bite of Shunde

This documentary wonderfully shows food and stories. Taking food as the genetic code, Shunde distinguishes itself from anywhere else in the world.

China’s Mega Projects II

China’s Mega Projects 2 will continue to adopt an international narrative style. In terms of image expression, brand new visual experience will be created by adopting special shooting methods such as big data demo, aerial video, high-speed video, macroshot and satellite remote sensing, which reflect both the magnificence of the projects and their micro beauty.

Biographies S1E3 David Beckham (1)

This is a collection of in-depth biographies of notable people who've made a significant impression on the world.

Mars S1E1 Novo Mundo

The film describes the history of human colonizing the Mars in 2032.

The Magic of the Big Blue S1E3 South America

The Magic of the Big Blue features the seas and oceans surrounding the seven continents.

Smart Cities 2.0 E4 Singapore

Eco-architect Jason Pomeroy travels to eight of the world's smartest cities to find out – from control centres in Korea and Amsterdam's carbon neutral football stadium, to Singapore's big data solutions.

Wildest Middle East S1E5 Caspian

Wildest Middle East reveals the remotest and most surprising corners of this ancient land.