October recommendation

TV Drama

The Durrells S3

It is set in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life had fallen apart, decided to move to the Greek island of Corfu.

Elementary S5

It is a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

Upstart Crow S1

It tells the life of William Shakespeare before he became famous.

Women in Beijing

This episode tells a story about Chen Ke, a girl in becoming a North Drifter, fighting for her dream in Beijing.

Women In Shanghai

It is a story revolving around Luo Hai Yan, who strives to carve out a career for herself in Shanghai.

Fighting for Love

The story is about a one-sided crush between Hu Li Shan and Xia Bai Cheng as he helps her chase after her crush all.

Growing tiger, roaring dragon

Sima Yi against Zhuge Liang: two of the greatest commanders of the Three Kingdoms Era.

The advisors alliance

Life of SIMA YI, a famous ancient Chinese advisor during the Three Kingdoms Era who helped the King of WEI Kingdom CAO PI to strive for the throne. His contribution laid the foundation for ending the troubled times.

Day and night

Day and Night follows the investigation of a grisly unsolved murder.The police detective in charge is recused from the case when it is revealed that his twin brother is the top suspect.
Variety Show

Painting the Nation S1

This charming competition show sets out to uncover the most talented artists in the nation.

Unlikely Animal Friends S5

Unlikely Animal Friends tells about most unique, most surprising, and most loving animal relationships.

Fashion VIP

This 48 minute series embraces the visual reality that fashion does indeed "speak for itself".

Classical Concerts

Matsuev and Sladkovsky perform works (Liszt, Prokofiev, etc) accompanied by the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra.

French Masters of Wine

This programme takes us to the most prestigious grands crus to meet the men and women behind the nectars connoisseurs.

Pop Magic Street

With Pop Magic Street, whatever you bring in your pockets is enough to create a fantastic magic moment.

Aerial China S1

Aerial China showcases China’s history, culture, geology, economic and social growth from a bird’s-eye view.

Big Cats

Documentary series uses the latest technology and scientific research to bring the big cats out of the shadows.

Tom's Istanbul Delights

Top British chef Tom Aikens wants to understand more about the local culture and traditions in Istanbul.

Smart Cities 2.0

Eco-architect Jason Pomeroy travels to eight of the world's smartest cities to find out – from control centres in Korea and Amsterdam's carbon neutral football stadium, to Singapore's big data solutions.

Mobil 1 The Grid 2018

Mobil 1 the Grid delivers the most comprehensive coverage of four wheel racing on television.

African Wild

Experience the daily lives of Africa's largest and most dangerous animals in a way you never have before.