<Chinese Top Hits>
The Sound of Endless
Artist:Black Duck
The new album carries the tradition of Black Duck and also has some new exploration.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Liu Xing
Artist:Chris Lee
It's limited to know yourself, but it's an excellent time to know fashion.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Love Radio
Artist:Wenqi Jin
Based on the unique humanistic thinking of Wenqi Jin, the album shows you ideal and truth in the form of poetry.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Shu Pu
After fourteen-year of hiatus, Shu Pu released his third album "Orion".
<Chinese Top Hits>
Nine Ways to Enjoy Loneliness
Artist:Michael Wong
The album unveils real state of life, and even reaches the deepest within your heart.
<Chinese Top Hits>
My Pride
Artist:Jimmy Lin
The is the 14th studio album of Jimmy, and the new album of 25th anniversary as well.
<Cantonese Favorites>
Artist:Vincy Chan
Containing ten classic theme songs of movies, the album helps to find the music of life.
<US&EURO hits>
Golden Hour
Artist:Kacey Musgraves
In the album, Kacey continues to broaden horizons by deftly incorporating unfamiliar sounds into songs.
<US&EURO hits>
Sex & Food
Artist:Unknown Mortal Orchestra
This is a delightfully shapeshifting album.
<US&EURO hits>
Ready Player One (Songs from the Motion Picture)
Artist:Various Artists
This album includes songs from the film “Ready Player One”.
<US&EURO hits>
Artist:Kali Uchis
"Isolation" is the debut studio album by Kali Uchis.
<Asian Hits>
This is the third Japanese studio album by South Korean boy band BTS.
<Asian Hits>
This is the fourth album of the Japanese singer Pile.
<Western Classical Music>
Joshua Bell: Romance of the Violin
Artist:Joshua Bell
In this album, the American violinist Joshua Bell plays many beautiful classical music pieces.
<Western Classical Music>
Artist:Sarah Brightman
This album includes many famous songs of the British singer Sarah Brightman.
<Ambient&Light Music>
The Image Album of "Spirited Away"
Artist:Joe Hisaishi
This is the original soundtrack of the film "Spirited Away".
Smokin' at the Half Note
Artist:Wes Montgomery
This is a live jazz album of the American jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery.
Red Garland's Piano
Artist:Red Garland
The Red Garland trio was one of the best piano trio in the 1950s.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
Love for the Hometown
Artist:Guyi Li
This album includes some classic songs from the famous singer Guyi Li .
<Chinese Folk Songs>
Faraway Homeland
Artist:Zhihui Li
"Faraway Homeland" is the first Chinese original geography music album.
<Chinese Operas>
The Selection of Huoding Zhang
Artist:Huoding Zhang
This album shows the pure and deep beauty of the Peking Opera.
<Chinese Operas>
New Peking Opera
Artist:Lanlan Chu
This album incorporates a lot of pop elements, guiding young people to concern Peking Opera.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Pipa Images
Artist:Hai Lin
Hai Lin overturns your impression of the Pipa with his music talent.
The Sun Above the Clouds
Artist:Stream of Praise
This album includes 11 classic praising hymns in Japanese version.