<Chinese Top Hits>
How Have You Been
Artist:Chao Chuan
This Album is made for celebrating 30 years of Chao Chuan's career.
<Chinese Top Hits>
The "Buddha-like Songstress" Sara released her 2017 new mandarin album.
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When I Look Back
Artist:Julia Peng
This is the new released album of Julia Peng. When you look back,how do you feel about life?
<Chinese Top Hits>
The Inner Me
Artist:Lala Hsu
Lala Hsu's new album is of heartfelt awakening and can touch the heart of people.
<Chinese Top Hits>
You Make Me Feel
Artist:Fiona Sit
This album tells a long love story, and each song also corresponds to a different mood.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Well Enough
The singer-songwriter Grady released his new studio album which contained 11 soulful and heartfelt tracks.
<Chinese Top Hits>
I Was Here
Artist:Hubert Wu
This is Hubert Wu's 2017 breakthrough album, including theme songs of popular TV series.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Jason Chan
Jason's new released album showed his true self to his fans.
<Us & Euro Hits>
Double or Nothing
Artist:Big Sean, Metro Boomin
This is a new album released by American rapper Big Sean and co-producer Metro Boomin.
<Us & Euro Hits>
One More Light Live
Artist:Linkin Park
This album collects live works by Linkin Park in 2017 World Tour at which time Chester was still alive, and many pieces of classic hits are included.
<Us & Euro Hits>
What If Nothing
Artist:Walk the Moon
This new album incorporates inspiration, sense of future and fearless images.
<Asia Top Hits>
Artist:Koda Kumi
Japan's famous female singer Koda Kumi latest luxury album "Dejavu" March 2 officially released.
<Old Classical Music>
Liszt Famous Piano Works
Artist:Jorge Bolet
Liszt, the talented Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor and music activist, this is his anthology of famous piano music.
<Old Classical Music>
Chopin Polonaisen Klaviersonate No.3
Artist:Lazar Berman, Emil Gilels
This collection covers all of the Polish dance music Chopin made from the beginning of his childhood until the peak of his most sophisticated realm.
<Classical Music>
Dance a Gogo
Artist:Bert Campbell Sextett
This album covers a lot of classic dance songs.
<Light Music>
Artist:Fernando Oliveira
This album contains a variety of classic light music.
<Light Music>
Musing with Canon
Artist:Noble Orchestra
This series contains an exclusive collection of 6 kinds of new Canon version, with different instruments as the protagonist, to retain the simplicity of pure, clever extension of the features.
<Us & Euro Hits>
A Friend Like You
Artist:Charlie Green
As always, this album Charlie reveals the style of calm and proud vocals.
<Old Classical Music>
Sex 'n' Jazz
Artist:Gare Du Nord
This is a very classic jazz album.
<Us & Euro Hits>
Quiet Nights
Artist:Diana Krall
"Quiet Nights" is the twelfth album by Diana Krall. It not only creates romantic moments, but also conveys beautiful invitations.
<Chinese Top Hits>
The Moon over the Grassland
Artist:Wulan Tuoya
Known as "the sound of nature", Wulan Tuoya's voice is clear and pure. The album "The Moon over the Grassland" is bound to shock your soul again!
<Old Classical Music>
Yue Opera: The Red Chamber Dream
Artist:Wenjuan Wang, Yulan Xu
"Yue Opera: The Red Chamber Dream" is the classic masterpiece of "The Dream of the Red Chamber" in contemporary dramas, which has a powerful effect on the adaption and film-making of the drama in three places across the Taiwan Straits.
<Old Classical Music>
Master of Chinese Traditional Music-Xiao and Di Flute Performer
Artist:Weiliang Zhang
As one of a series of "Master of Chinese Traditional Music" specially launched by Shanghai branch of China Record Group Co.,Ltd, this disc collects works by Zhang Weiliang, the contemporary well-known xiao and di flute performer.
Crack Magic Hat
Artist:Smiling Sunshine Childrens Musical Theater
Children's musical "crackle magic hat" premiere success, in honor of the efforts of these children, smile Sunshine hereby release the eponymous album "crackling magic hat."