<Chinese Top Hits>
Reflection of Desire
Artist:Jam Hsiao
Desire is a mirror which reflects the realest appearance from the deep heart of every person.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Scenery From the Passenger Seat
Artist:Rachel Liang
Life is an endless journey where the scenery along the way can't be predicted but beautiful.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Hearing of Shadya
Artist:Shadya Lan
Shadya sings these songs that belong to love and never let us feel disappointed.
<Chinese Top Hits>
Artist:Chenyu Hua
This is the latest and the third album of Chenyu Hua.
<Chinese Top Hits>
When Sorrow Being Downloaded Twice
Artist:Sandee Chan
This is Sandee Chan's first album released in September 2015.
<Cantonese Favorites>
Artist:Jade Kwan
This album selects 9 touching love songs.
<Cantonese Favorites>
A Second Thought
Artist:Eric Suen
Eric brings us positive energy through optimistic lyrics written by himself since he sees that people are lonely.
<US&EURO hits>
All Out Of Love
Artist:Air Supply
This album was released on Feburary 2, 2018 by American popular group Air Supply.
<US&EURO hits>
No Shame
Artist:Lily Allen
This is Lily Allen's fourth studio album released in summer of 2018.
<US&EURO hits>
Turn On The Lights
Artist:Julie Bergan
This is Norwegian singer Julie Bergan's latest album released on Feburary 2, 2018.
<Asian Hits>
Artist:Teen Top
This is Teen Top's 2nd album released on 10th April.
<Asian Hits>
Artist:Seiko Matsuda
This is an original pop album released by Seiko Matsuda in 2018.
<Western Classical Music>
Salute to Bach - Brandenburg Concerto BWV 1048,1050,1051
Artist:Baroque Camerata
In this album, listeners can appreciate three kinds of charm and enjoy the pinnacle of Baroque Concerto.
<Western Classical Music>
Mozart: Violin Sonatas
Artist:Hilary Hahn
The warm sound of violin reflects deep emotions of human, and the layout of the album and smooth melody are just perfect.
<Ambient&Light Music>
Artist:Masaji Watanabe
The more you pursue high-speed modernity, the more you should return to the long-lasting past by graceful music to feel the warm and elegant time.
Artist:Karen Souza
“Essentials” is a summary of all Karen previous work as a Jazz singer, where her unique, sultry voice makes a difference.
What a Wonderful World
Artist:Louis Armstrong
The sound of this disc is wide, the vocals and instruments are positioned so stably, and the tone stays at the highest level in jazz recording.
Artist:Chuck Berry
"Chuck" was recorded in various studios around St. Louis and features Berry's longtime hometown backing group.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
China Dream
Artist:Sisi Chen
The album is based on the China Dream proposed by President Xi Jinping.
<Chinese Folk Songs>
At This Moment
Artist:Jihong Lv
The album includes classic songs of Jihong Lv, China's first lyric tenor.
<Chinese Operas>
Peking Opera: Arias by Qichang Geng
Artist:Qichang Geng
The voice of Qichang Geng is crisp and bright, and his performance style is graceful and unconstrained.
<Chinese Folk Music>
PIPA: From A Distance
Artist:Man Wu
In "PIPA: From A Distance", Man Wu offers a new type of pipa music that draws attention of the world.
<Chinese Folk Music>
Dandelion Sky
Artist:Jia Lei
The album contains popular folk songs of Han and ethnic folk songs unheard of.
Children's Songs About Dinosaurs
Artist:Various Artists
The language of songs is lively, the rhythm is bright and the lyrics are popular, which are easy for children to learn.