Inflight Internet Services

Inflight Internet Service

1. China Southern Airlines is providing the complimentary inflight Wi-Fi service on the following flights and will gradually expand the operation routes and flights.

Route Flight No. Operation Time
Guangzhou-Melbourne CZ321/CZ343


Melbourne-Guangzhou CZ322/CZ344
Guangzhou-Sydney CZ301
Sydney-Guangzhou CZ302
Guangzhou-Brisbane CZ381
Brisbane-Guangzhou CZ382
Beijing-Amsterdam CZ345
Amsterdam-Beijing CZ346
Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3105
Beijing-Guangzhou CZ3112















2. First and Business Class passengers can enjoy free access to the internet with no need of applying.

3. SkyPearl economy and economy class passengers can have two ways to apply for this complimentary service, either to apply via our website or App, 24hours before the flight departure, please input your valid China mainland mobile number or email address while applying to ensure you can receive the message or email we send. Or apply the service through our portal once onboard, first-come, first-served.

How can I apply to experience the service

You can apply to experience our inflight Wi-Fi service through  Service Hall. 

Terms and Conditions

1. In case your ticket is exchanged or refunded, please reapply if needed.

2. During taxi, takeoff and landing, please turn off and stow your electronic devices. The Wi-Fi service will be available when the flight altitude is over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters), and will be disabled automatically once below this altitude.

3. You can connect with Wi-Fi enabled devices, including laptops and tablets, however, according to the regulation of CAAC, mobile phones must be turned off  throughout the flight.

4. Please use the following operating system and browser to visit our Wi-Fi portal to get the best experience.

Compatible Operating System
Compatible Browser


9  or above

MacOs X

10.9  or above


4.4  or above


7  or above


8  or above


42  or above


38  or above


11  or above

5. Some applications (e.g. WeChat and QQ) may require SMS or QR code verification when you login via different devices. We suggest you complete the verification and login before boarding.

6. The internet service is capable of web browsing, instant messaging, e-mail, etc. We currently do not provide audio/video streaming service. In accordance with the regulation of CAAC, internet telephony is not allowed.

7. The inflight Wi-Fi maybe out of service due to some unpredictable circumstances, including but not limited to aircraft adjustment, equipment maintenance, system upgrading, and device/browser compatibility. China Southern Airlines assumes no liability for noticing or compensation.

8. There can be several satellite beam switches on international routes, during which the internet access may be disconnected for 5-10 minutes (The system will automatically reconnect to the internet). Sorry for the inconvenience. China Southern Airlines is not responsible for any data loss or damage during the usage of internet service.

9. To ensure flight and communication safety, please follow the arrangements of flight attendants and we reserve the right to suspend the service.

10. For more information, please refer to the China Southern Airlines Internet Connection Guidance.