October recommendation

CSAir Inflight Audio/Video on Demand System has specially launched a child entertainment channel – “Children’s World”, including Happy Studio, Wonderful Horizon, Baby Music, Cool Games and other columns. A selected collection of movies, songs and games to children’s tastes will enrich children’s travel experience and provide them with a wider range of personalized choices.

Cheerful Cinema

Incredibles 2

After the events of The Incredibles (2004), Elastigirl is sent on a mission to make supers legal again. Mr. Incredible is left to care for Jack-Jack, Violet, and Dash. When a dangerous new threat arises, it is up to the family to neutralize the threat and save the day once again.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family.

Piggy Bingbing

It tells a series of funny stories about a pig, a goose and a cat. They team together on an adventure to find the magic scepter.


Babe, a pig raised by sheepdogs, learns to herd sheep with a little help from Farmer Hoggett.


A young cobra and his scorpion best friend go on a journey across the Sahara desert to save a new-found love.

Cats and Peachtopia

A cat named Blanket has long been living in a high-rise apartment in the city with his son, Cloak. One day, curious about the outside world, Cloak decides to leave home and embarks on an adventure to find the legendary cat's paradise.

Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink

Boonie bears and bald Qiang were accidentally zoomed out by the shrink flashlight invented by himself. They had to start an adventure to zoom themselves in and smash pollution to rescue the ecosystem.


Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world's most unusual candy maker.

Moonrise Kingdom

Two 12-year-olds fall in love and run away together. When authorities try to hunt them down, a storm is brewing off shore, and the island is turned upside down.

Wonderful TV

Star College3 Pandora's Secret 2

The girls entered the elves survey group, called Pandora, and began looking for the truth behind the magic card elves.

Sakura Momoko S2

The series depicts the simple, daily life on affection and friendship of a young girl called Maruko.


Little Prince, a lovely wizard, teaches children to learn pinyin and Chinese characters.

Robocar Poli S2

Cartoon showing toddlers important life lessons while teaching them that police, fire, and rescue are good people and just want to help others. Cars transform during the show to be useful and help others.

Jing-Ju Cats

Through efforts and faith of the multitude, Jing-Ju Cats that have been demonized are rescued.

Talking Tom and Friends

It tells the funny stories of Talking Tom and his friends.

Smart Babies' Nursery Rhyme

This show expresses lots of nature knowledge and common senses, which helps the kids to understand the world.

Growing up with my daughter

Based on the father, record the growth of his daughter's bit by bit experience.

Listen to Music

Artist:Various Artists
Album:Children's Songs About Dinosaurs

The language of songs is lively, the rhythm is bright and the lyrics are popular, which are easy for children to learn.

Artist:Various Artists
Album:Classical Children's Songs in English

12 classical English songs after years of precipitation are partly known to all.

Artist:Various Artists
Album:Small Grassland, Grade 3: Soft Children's Songs

Children's songs provide us with the earliest experience of music and create important memories as well.

Artist:XiaoSong Wang
Album:Original Children's Works by Song Music

This album is composed by the famous composer XiaoSong Wang and sung by child stars Jie Hu, YaYi Li, HaiJia Wang and so on.

Artist:Shuo Yang
Album:Little Litte Teenager

This is the first step for child star Shuo Yang to move towards the stage of music, and the first milestone in her music career.

Artist:Asia Angel child's voice Choir
Album:Angel's Singing

This album includes 12 lively children's songs.

Album:The Sweet Home

Home is the most important palce in the world where everyone's life starts.

Artist:Guangzhou Little Skylark Choir
Album:The Sound of Skylark

With sounds of nature from the East, this is the first exquisite album by Little Skylark Choir.

Artist:Ninghao Yang
Album:Children and Interest

This album contains lively music for children by Ninghao Yang.

Album:All Is Love

"All Is Love" is the 7th album of Hoop, containing original songs for parents and children.

Let’s Play Games


Stranded in a maze of rocks, the caveman has to push rocks aside to escape. Get the caveman out before lava fills the room!

Disney's Classic Games®

Discover how learning can be fun through three different activities all set in the wonderful world of Disney®.

Marvin's Art Studio

Kids can create artwork by using different tools and their creativity.Let their artisitc juices flow in this fun-filled game.


Use all seven tangram pieces to reconstruct shapes that are shown to you. Patience and imagination are your best allies!

Disney House Party®

Mickey is preparing a big party! Help him prepare his house by completing seven fun games. A Disney® game.

In-Flight PAC-MAN®

Help PAC-MAN® make his way through the maze and munch the dots. Avoid the pesky ghosts or you’ll be game over soon! A BANDAI NAMCO game.

Tik Rack Toe

Try this unique tic-tac-toe game. Fill your score bar before your opponent does and use the power-ups strategically!

Animal Factory

Juan owns a machine that produces animals. With his machine, kids can build real animals or recreate strange specimens.

Juan's Magic Lab

Juan the chameleon owns a machine that makes animals. Build real animals or recreate strange hybrid species.