Federation of Malaysia

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The advantaged Malaysia has abundant tourism resources and is suitable to tourists' travel and exploration all year round. In Malaysia, you can find the people of different nationalities, mouthwatering yummy, fantastic tourist resort, ecological tourism, cultural heritage, 100-million-year rainforest, snow-white beach, peculiar islands, and large shopping center!

Travel Guide

Alias: Malaysia

Climate: tropical rainforest climate

Language: mother tongue is Malaysian language, and English is also a frequent language here.

Telephone Code: 60(Country Code)

Region: adjacent to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia

Currency: R$

Exchange Rate: RMB 1 = R$0.46 (based on current exchange rate)


  • Embassy of Malaysia

Add.:No. 2, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie, Chaoyang District



  • Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou

Add.:Room 1915-18, CITIC Plaza Office Tower, 233 Tianhe Road, N., Guangzhou 510613




  • Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai

Add.:Room 01 & 04, 9F, Block B, Dawning Center, 500 Hongbaoshi Rd., Shanghai



District:Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Anhui

  • Consulate General of Malaysia in Kunming

Add.:Rm401-405, Sukarai Hotel,No.29 Dongfeng Rd.Kunming,Yunnan



District:Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing


Malaysia is warm and humid all year round and belongs to rainforest climate, with temperature fluctuating between 21℃and 32℃ and average annual precipitation ranging between 2,000mm and 2,500mm.


1. Sungai Kilim

Geographic Location: Located in Langkawi

Sungai Kilim is the best choice for those tourists who are fond of the journey of exploration. When standing in the boat, you can not only get a view of exotic flowers and rare herbs, but also have a zero-distance touch with the great nature, during which, the priority of the journey is "Personal Experience in Feeding the Hawk", and tourists will witness in person the hawk's hunting for meat loafs. Aside from that, tourists can appreciate unusual stalactite columns, legendary "Cave of Legend", and splendid Goa Lawah etc during the journey of exploration, in order to experience the marvelous and fabulous journey.

2. Pulau Sibu

Geographic Location: Located in Johore, reputed as the southern gate of Malaysia

Pulau Sibu is famed for its clean and white beach, clear seawater, and off-coast coral reef. On the island there are plenty of verdant and exuberant tropical plants, which make the environment more secluded and enchanting. Here, you can use diving, surfing, sailing, and fishing facilities.

3. Kinabalu National Park

Geographic Location: Located in Sabah State

As the highest mountain in SE Asia, the Mount Kinabalu (altitude: 4,093m) is 85km away from Kota Kinabalu. The Kinabalu National Park is defined as the forest reserve, with land coverage of 754 square kilometers. It usually costs you two hours to drive from Kota Kinabalu to the national park's Head Office (altitude: 1,558m), during which, the temperature changes from 13℃ to 20℃.

4. Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum

Geographic Location: Located in Malacca State

During the Sultanate of Malacca's flourishing period, Chinese people came to Malacca and lived here, and some even married local Malaysian people and merged into the Malaysian culture. Offspring of these Chinese people, together with the "Nyonya", are uniformly called "Children of Overseas Chinese" or "Straits Chinese". As the first private culture museum, the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum is located in Jalan Tan Cheng Lock, and it showcases lots of traditional "Nyonya" handcrafts and traditional cultural relics.


1. Expressway

Dense expressway network links all large and small townships of Malaysia, and main expressway lines are distributed in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Penang.

2. Railway

Starting from Singapore, Malaysia railway system extends towards the north and links main townships in the west of Malaysia.


1. Airport Name

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

2. Basic Information

Kuala Lumpur is one of Malaysia's most important international airports. In the airport, the direction boards are made in English, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. In addition, the airport also sends airport information and notices by broadcasting in English, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese.

3. Airport Traffic

Airport Express Rail:

By the airport express rail, it only costs you 28 minutes to travel from the airport to the Kuala Lumpur Central Plaza in the downtown of Kuala Lumpur.

Airport Metro:

It only costs you 35 minutes to travel from the airport to the downtown of Kuala Lumpur, during which, the metro vehicle will pass by five stations.

Bus Service:

You can move towards the First Passenger Transport Building and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal to take the airport bus

Taxi Service:

If arriving at Malaysia, passengers from the First Passenger Transport Building, which is interconnected with the Satellite Passenger Transport Building, need to purchase the ticket only at fixed cost to take the airport taxi.

Passengers from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal can take airport taxi or city taxi (red)