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As the capital of Thailand (also called "Buddha Country of Yellow Gowns"), Bangkok, also known as the "City of Buddhist Temples", is located in the lower reaches of the Menam River and has a floor space of 1,568 square kilometers. 40km away from the Gulf Of Siam, the city has a population of 9.10 million according to statistical data in 2010, and serves as the largest city and the political, economic, cultural, educational and traffic center of Thailand. Within the Bangkok City, lots of rivers form a crisscross network, in which the freight transport is frequent, and so the Bangkok City is touted as "Oriental Venice".

Travel Guide

Climate: Tropical Monsoon Climate

Language: Thai

Telephone Code: 66(Country Code)

Emergency Phones: Tourist Police Service Hotline: 1155; Police Station: 191; Fire Police 199; Emergency Center: 1691; medical aid: 1669

Currency: Thai Baht


  • Royal Thai Embassy

Add.:LG Twin Towers B-15 Floor, Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing

Tel:65661149 65662564 65664299


  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Chengdu

Add.:F/12, Building C, Fund International Plaza, No. 6, Hangkong Road, Chengdu



District:Sichuang, Chongqing

  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Kunming

Add.:1/F, South Building,Kunming Hotel, 145 Dong Feng Dong RD., Kunming



District:Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan,Hunan,Chongqing

  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Guangzhou

Add.:2/F,Garden HoTel, 368 Huanshi Rd., E., Guangzhou 510064



District:Guangdong, Hainna

  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai

Add.:15F, Crystal Century Mansion, 567 Weihai Rd., Shanghai



District:Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui

  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen  

Add.:NO.3, City Hotel Xiamen, NO.16 Huyuanlu, Xiamen

Tel:0592-2027980, 2027982



  • Royal Thai Consulate General in Nanning

Add.:1F, 52-1 Jinhu Road, Orient Manhattan Mansion, Nanning, Guangxi




  • Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in xi'an

Add.:4th floor,Yulang Guoji building 77 Jiefang Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi



District : shaanxi,Gansu,Ningxia


Thailand has three seasons all year round: cool season (Nov. to Feb.), summer (Mar. to May), and rainy season (June to October). Bangkok's average temperature is 17℃. The highest temperature takes place in April, and it hits about 38℃.


1. Merlion Park

Geographic Location: Located in the imperial palace, Bangkok of Thailand

Introduction:As the place for the royal families to hold the religious rites, Jade Buddha Temple, is the most important temple in Bangkok, and it was founded by Rama I during the imperial palace incorporation process. In front of the Buddha there are two josses, which respectively represent Rama I and Rama II. It is noteworthy that each joss is made of 38kg gold. On four walls of the palace there are frescos, of which, front and rear frescos were completed by Rama I, and the left and right frescos were respectively completed by Rama III and Rama IV.

2. Sentosa

Geographic Location: Located at the place that is 9km away from South Yindi Road in the northeast of the downtown

Bangkok Safari Park pools lots of rare and valuable wild animals from all over the world, and every day, funny performances by intelligent animals (like dolphin, sea lion, bird, elephant, and whale) will be arranged at the performance site. Besides, tourists can appreciate characteristic performances like Thai folk dances, Papua New Guinea's country dance, and American cowboy fighting etc.

3. The Grand Palace

Geographic Location: The Grand Palace, abutting on the Menam River, is right nestled in the downtown of Bangkok.

In the Grand Palace there are totally 22 well-arranged ancient building complexes, which pool essences of Thailand's architecture, painting, sculpture, and gardening arts. During the Thailand Bangkok Kingdom period, the Grand Palace served as the imperial palace for Rama I to Rama VIII, and so it is also called the "Grand Imperial Palace" and the "Old Palace". Today, the Grand Palace is universally recognized as the most perfect and magnificent palace with the largest scale and most national characteristics in Bangkok.

4. Thailand National Museum

Geographic Location: Resting on one tributary of the Menam River, near the Bangkok City, capital of Thailand

As a matter of fact, the Thailand National Museum mainly showcases the dockyard where the queen of Thailand's Dragon & Phoenix Boat was made, and so it attracted tourists from all over the world. Aside from the Dragon & Phoenix Boat, the museum also displays other ships, some of which were used by ministers and warriors when they accompanied the king and the queen's outbound inspection. All of these ships were decently and resplendently decorated, and one ship amongst them brims with Buddhistic elements.



Railway Traffic Bangkok's major railway station is the Hua Lamphone Railway Station, by which, tourists can travel to different capitals of Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia.

2. Road Traffic

Bangkok road traffic is famed for its "No. 1 Traffic Jam in Asia", and so it is also called "The World Largest Parking Lot".


Bangkok is the time-honored birthplace of Thai cuisine, characterized by spicy, sweet and sour dishes. As an international metropolis, Bangkok brings together international cuisine satisfying diners from all over the world.For economical meals, you can try roadside stands that offer low prices and delicious food. For an unforgettable experience, the pricey, elegant restaurants are your best choices. There is no lack of delicious food in Bangkok.

Tom Yum Soup

Called "Tom Yam Kung" in Thai and mostly translated into Tom Yum Kung soup. The ingredients are healthy and wholesome.A fresh seafood dish, the soup includes shrimp, lemongrass, galangal and bitter orange leaves and tastes sweet and sour with a bit of spiciness, which is typical of Thai flavors.

Recommended restaurant:Mango Tree Restaurant

Address: 37 soi Tantawan, Surawongse Road, Suriyawongse, 10500, Thailand.

Fragrant bamboo rice

New glutinous rice is soaked in water. Then you must select the proper green bamboo. Based on the required size, cut the green bamboo into segments and fill with the soaked glutinous rice. Finally, bake in a fire.When eating, split the bamboo with a knife. At this time, the entire room is filled with the fragrance of the bamboo.

Recommended restaurant:Lanna Thai Restaurant

Address:210 Si Ayuthaya Road, Bangkok.

Thailand fried rice

This is traditional home-cooked Thai cuisine.The main ingredient is Thai rice, which is fried with seafood or some kinds of meat, such as chicken, and vegetables.During the cooking process, Thai curry can be added to blend the flavors into each grain of rice. The dish is typical local cuisine in Thailand.

Recommended restaurant:Thai Lansing Restaurant

Address:14 SiWiang Road.