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Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province, and the political, economic, cultural, financial, scientific and educational center of Henan province. The city has six districts, five cities, one county, Zhengzhou New Area, Zhengzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone under jurisdiction. The total area of Zhengzhou city is 7,446.2 km2, of which the urban area is 1,010.3 km2; the total population in Zhengzhou is 8.63 million, of which the urban population is 4.25 million. Zhengzhou was historically the capital city for five times, a state for eight dynasties, one of eight ancient capitals of China, and a member of the World Historical Cities Association. 5,000 years ago, human ancestor Yellow Emperor was born and built capital here. 3,600 years ago, Zhengzhou became the capital in the early- and middle-stage of Shang Dynasty, and is the birthplace of Shang civilization. The city has more than 10,000 cultural relics, including 43 items of 38 national key cultural relics protection units. "Tiandi Zhizhong" historical buildings in Dengfeng, the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, the relics of Shang City and other historical attractions are well known at home and abroad.


Zhengzhou belongs to warm-temperate continental climate, with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 14.4 °C, July is the hottest, with an average temperature of 27.3 °C; January is the coldest, with an average temperature of 0.2 °C; average annual rainfall is 640.9 mm, with frost-free period of 220 days, the whole-year sunshine time is about 2,400 hours.


1. Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area

Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area is one of key scenic spots and the national civilized scenic area demonstration site. Shaolin Temple known as "The World's First Temple" is located at the foot of the Songshan Mountain, Shaolin kung fu which is famous at home and abroad presents itself on the world arena. China's first astronomical architecture Zhougong Measurement Platform, and Yuan Dynasty Star Observation Platform, Henan Museum which is one of national key museums, Songyang Academy which is one of four academies of classical learning in Song Dynasty, Zhongyue Temple which is the country's largest existing Chinese Taoist buildings, Kangbaiwan Manor which is one of China's three largest landlord manors, imperial tombs of Northern Song Dynasty which is known as "seven emperors and eight royal mausoleums" are located in Zhengzhou. Around Zhengzhou city, there are ancient cities, ancient culture, ancient tombs, ancient buildings, ancient passes and ancient battlefield sites.

2. Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple, also known as "Monk Temple", is located in a temple at the foot of Wufeng Peak of Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The incumbent abbot of Shaolin Temple is Shi Yongxin. Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts and the birthplace of Chinese Han Buddhism. Shaolin Temple got is name because it is located in dense jungle at the foot of Songshan Mountain. The temple is famous for Shaolin Kung Fu, and is called "the world's first temple". In 2007, the Shaolin Temple scenic area was appraised as the Chinese national 5A tourist attraction. On August 1, 2010, the Tiandizhizhong historic relics group in Dengfeng, including Changzhu court of Shaolin Temple, Tower Group, and Chuzu Nunnery, are included into list of World Cultural Heritage. In 2011, Shaolin Temple led the major schools to set up first martial arts school in Miaoli County, Taiwan.



The buses in Zhengzhou city are trolley buses prefixed with "1", and the minibuses are prefixed with "2". The fare of the buses with self-service ticketing is 1 yuan, and the fare of air-conditioning buses is 2 yuan.


The Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport is the first double-terminal and double-runway airport in Central China (Runway 2 is a 4F runway with a length of 3,600 meters and a width of 60 meters), as well as the highest-level aircraft overhaul base in Central China. The airport has an integrated traffic transfer seamlessly connecting four means of transport including highway, subway and intercity light rail. As one of China's eight major regional hub airports, the airport has built a freight route leading to key global cargo distribution centers, bringing into shape a global air freight network taking Zhengzhou as the Asia-Pacific logistics center and Luxemburg as the European and American logistics center. The airport's air cargo volume grows fastest in China, and is ranked first in central and western China. The airport is building an air Silk Road linking the world. With the airport as the core, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone is China's first national airport economy zone.

Means of Transport

Airport Bus

Ticket Office: Ticket Counter Inside Gate 2 of Transportation Hall on the 1st floor of T2

Pick-up Area: Outside Gate 2 on the 1st floor of T2

Ticket: RMB 20 /ride

For specific hours of operation, please follow our WeChat account "Zhengzhou Airport Business - Passenger Services – Airport Bus Inquiry"

Airport to Surrounding Cities (Intercity Buses)

Ticket Office: Ticket Counter in Domestic Arrival Hall on the 2nd floor of T2

Pick-up Area: West Zone on the 1st floor of the Ground Transportation Center (GTC); you can go through the connecting corridor in the Arrival Hall on the 2nd floor of T2 to the Ground Transportation Center to take the intercity bus.

Currently in operation are intercity buses to 31 cities, including Luoyang, Kaifeng, Xuchang, Xinxiang, Pingdingshan, Anyang, Zhoukou, Jiaozuo, and Nanyang

For specific hours of operation, please follow our WeChat account "Zhengzhou Airport Business - Passenger Services – Airport Bus Inquiry"

Intercity Trains (Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, and Kaifeng)

Ticket Office: On Floor B2 of the Ground Transportation Center, or through App12306 on your phone

Pick-up Area: On Floor B3 of the Ground Transportation Center

Currently in operation are trains to Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Zhengzhou Railway Station, Jiaozuo Railway Station, and Kaifeng Songcheng Railway Station.

You can find out specific hours of operation through App12306 on your phone.


Pick-up Area: On the 2nd floor of Ground Transportation Center


Currently you can access Zhengzhou Airport T2 along Sigang Liandong Road, G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway and S1 Airport Highway.