Procedure for the International Arrivals

The following information uses Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as an example. This only serves as a reference for other airports. The specific requirements for different airports are subject to the regulations specified by the local airport.

Flight arrives > Health and quarantine inspection > Border control > Collect luggage > Customs Luggage inspection > Leave airport

  • 1、Arrive at the airport
    Passengers can go to the Baggage Claim Hall by following the signs.
  • 2、Health & Quarantine Inspection
    • (1) Passengers exhibiting symptoms of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, acute skin rash, lymphadenopathies, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), VD (venereal disease), mental illness, or open tuberculosis need to declare this to the health and quarantine inspection official.
    • (2) Passengers coming from areas infected with Yellow Fever must present a valid vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine authorities
    • (3) Chinese citizens who have lived abroad for over one year need to undergo a physical examination when arriving at the AIDS screening station. They can alternatively request an application form to undergo a physical examination at a border inspection and quarantine center or applicable hospital at county level or above within one month
  • 3、Immigration Checks
    Foreign citizens should complete an entry registration card and submit it together with their valid passport and visa to Immigration for inspection.
    Chinese citizens should be in possession of a valid passport when entering China.
    • (1) Passengers coming from overseas must submit their valid passport or other immigration documents to Immigration. Foreign citizens are also required to fill in an arrival card (available for completion on a flight into China or before the immigration control desk) for inspection before they can enter China.
    • (2) Relevant Provisions of Free Entry Frontier (Emigration) Registration Card for Entering/Exiting
      • Entry Frontier (Emigration) Registration Card will not be required for all Chinese citizens as of January 1st, 2007.
      • Foreign citizens who hold a group visa to China are not required to fill in the Foreigner Immigration Entry Frontier (Emigration) Registration Card.
    • (3) Regulations for Passengers Carrying Weapons
      • Passengers must get approval by authorities before they enter/exit with weapons.
      • Concerned passengers must truthfully report to the inspection station and provide the approval documentation.
  • 4、Baggage Claim
    The Baggage Claim Hall is located on the first floor. The entrance is equipped with a baggage carousel identification screen. You can use this screen to identify the right carousel according to your flight number.
  • 5、Customs
    Passengers with items to declare must fill in a “Baggage Declaration Form for Incoming / Outgoing Passengers” from China Customs and choose the "Declaration Channel" (also named "Red Channel") for Customs clearance. Those without any items to declare have no need to fill in this declaration form and can choose the "Nothing to Declare Channel" (also named "Green Channel") for Customs clearance. All passengers need to do this except for those who are exempt from inspection and the supervision of Chinese Customs and passengers under the age of 16 who are traveling with accompanying adult.
    The following is a list of items which need to be declared when being carried into China:
    • (1) Animals and plants as well as products made of animals and plants, microorganisms, biological products, human organs, blood products;
    • (2) Items worth RMB 5,000 or more for personal use;
    • (3) Items worth more than RMB 2,000 that a non-resident passenger intends to leave in China;
    • (4) Alcohol (containing more than 12% alcohol) with a volume of more than 1,500 ml; more than 400 cigarettes; more than 100 cigars; more than 500 g of cut tobacco;
    • (5) More than RMB 20,000 in cash, or cash in a foreign currency which is equivalent to more than 5,000 US dollars;
    • (6) Separately-transported baggage, goods, samples of goods, advertisements;
    • (7) Any other items which are to be declared to Customs;
    • (8) If animal or plant quarantine is necessary, please obtain a certification of approval.
  • 6、Leaving the airport
    You will leave the Arrival Hall after Baggage claim and can meet your friends or relatives, and get information at the Hotel Inquiry Counter. Shuttles and taxis running between downtown and the airport are available outside the airport.
    Reminders: To protect your legal rights, please do not accept services offered by people who do not have a valid airport permit or get in unauthorized or private vehicles when you are outside of the designated pick-up area.