Procedure for China Arrivals

The following information uses Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as an example. This only serves as a reference for other airports. The specific requirements for different airports are subject to the regulations specified by the local airport.

Flight arrives > Collect luggage > Leave airport


After entering the terminal building, you can follow the signs to go the Baggage Claim Hall.

Tips: Make sure you collect all of your personal belongings before leaving the plane.

Baggage Claim

The Baggage Claim Hall is located on the first floor. The entrance is equipped with a baggage carousel identification screen. Please find the carousel corresponding to your flight number and then check the baggage tag to avoid collecting the wrong baggage. After collecting your baggage, please show the baggage tag to the officers at the exit.

Kindly Reminder

  • 1.Please check your baggage tag to avoid collecting the wrong baggage.
  • 2.Please carefully check whether your baggage has been damaged.
  • 3.Please consult the officers at the exit for any baggage enquiries (e.g. lost or damaged baggage).

Departure from the Airport

After leaving the baggage claim area, you will then leave the Arrival Lobby. This is where you may meet your family members or friends. You may also make an enquiry at the Hotel Enquiry Counter or Information Counter. Airport shuttles and taxis are available for departure from the airport.

Kindly Reminder: For your own safety and protection, please do not accept services offered by people who do not have a valid airport permit or get in unauthorized or private vehicles when you are outside of the designated pick-up area.