Notice on Flight CZ328 (Los Angeles to Guangzhou) Pre-departure Testing Arrangement

Dear Values Passengers,

In order to provide our passengers a safe travel environment and maintain a stable operation of our flights, China Southern Airlines is updating its pre-departure testing requirements based on the Notice on Application for Health Code by China-bound Passengers, updated in July by the Consulate General of the P. R. China in Los Angeles.

1. Passengers will receive their nucleic acid tests according to the new Pre-departure Testing Arrangement.

a. All Passengers (except for Children under the age of 3) traveling to China must take two nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests. The first test should be taken within 48 hours before flight departure, and the second RT-PCR test should be taken within 24 hours from the flight departure.

b. The RT-PCR tests should be taken in two different testing institutions with two different reagents, and there should be at least a 24-hour gap between the two tests received.

Example: If your flight departs on July 25, the earliest to receive your first test will be on July 23, and the earliest to receive your second test will be at least 24 hours after your first test, and on July 24. Choose two different testing institutions and ensure they use different reagents.

2. According to the notice on Pre-departure Testing Arrangement, airlines may take additional epidemic prevention measures based on the regulations, including but not limited to temperature measurement, an inspection of the original nucleic acid test report, etc. In addition to the health code, passengers will need to meet China Southern Airlines’ additional boarding requirements, and use the testing institutions indicated on the QR Code that meeting the requirements of testing timeline, reporting specifications and technology:

For passengers from outside of Los Angeles, please arrive at least two days in advance to get tested at the testing institutions listed on the QR Code. The two test result reports are recommended to be printed, and will be checked and collected during check-in procedures. We appreciate your cooperation under these circumstances.

3. In order to keep track of each passenger’s health management status, please follow China Southern Airlines North America WeChat platform (WeChat ID: CSAIRNA), and complete the online pre-departure health management registration.

4. Travel regulations for passengers that were diagnosed with COVID-19, tested positive for nucleic acid, and a close contact with asymptomatic cases, we recommend that you should delay your travel plan if you have the following symptoms:

a. In the past 14 days, if you have had or having fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell or taste, diarrhea, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, conjunctival congestion, or other symptoms. It is recommended to test and seek medical treatment in time and isolate for 14 days or more after symptoms are eliminated. After observing asymptomatic, the test will be carried out according to the “Pre-departure Test Arrangement”.

b. Passengers that were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past should truthfully declare to the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles and China Southern Airlines (please refer to the third item <Pre-departure health management> in this notice), and properly keep the certificates of infection, medical treatment, and recovery. For close contacts and passengers with suspected symptoms, please refer to the "Pre-departure Testing Arrangements" for isolation and health monitoring. For the definition, recovery standards, and pre-boarding testing requirements of passengers with infection history, close contacts, and with suspected symptoms. Please refer to the “Pre-departure Testing Arrangements”.

c. We appreciated your compliance to the pre-departure testing requirements, and provide the qualified testing result reports during check-in. Please be highly aware and monitor your personal protection before, during and after your journey to avoid getting your journey affected.

Passengers should strictly abide by the ‘Pre-departure Testing Arrangements’ and the requirements of this notice and submit relevant materials. If there are circumstances such as concealment of illness, tampering with test certificates, non-compliance with applicable regulations of the consulate general and local epidemic prevention, or filling in false information, the trip will be terminated. At the same time, it must take the corresponding legal responsibility.

For all passengers going to China, please review the relevant notices published on China Southern Airlines official websites and relevant notices published by the embassies and consulates of China, follow the latest policy of the health code application and updates.  

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

Oct 19, 2022