Recently, China Southern Cargo has five Boeing 777-200 cargo aircrafts, two Boeing 777-400F cargo aircrafts and one A300-600 cargo aircraft. In 2011, one 777-200 all cargo carrier will be introduced to increase the China Southern Cargo fleet to nine cargo crafts.

China Southern Cargo will provide the customers with international cargo flights from Pudong (Shanghai) and Guangzhou, China, to Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Chicago, and intends to open international all cargo flights from China to Milan, New York, Dallas, Vancouver and other key European and American cities.

Meanwhile, as an airline company with the most cargo aircrafts and most developed flight network in China, China Southern Airlines can provide belly pit freight service densely covering all parts of China and Asia and linked to all key European, American, Australian and African cities.

China Southern Cargo has built truck transport network in China, Europe and North America. Some Chinese gateway cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. have started truck flights. In Europe, through truck transport in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, goods can be shipped to 120 cities in Western Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe; in North America, through Chicago truck transport, the goods can be delivered to 83 North American cities, including Boston, New York, Houston, Toronto, etc.

China Southern Cargo has independently developed Tang Ji Cargo Transport System, which successfully achieved online sales on basis of such features as 24/7 online cargo transportation, global network coverage, visual cargo transport monitoring, quick operation interface and multi-pot information transmission.

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