Traveling Guidelines for Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

31 January, 2020

In order to make efforts to prevent and control the transmission of infections and ensure the health of passengers and employees, China Southern Airlines has formulated and strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures.

For passengers who need to travel in the near future, we suggest you to strengthen yourself protection. In order to ensure your travel safety please read the following guidelines:

1. Plan travel time sufficiently

At this moment, various airports have taken measures for prevention and control, such as taking temperature and filling in health status declaration forms.  We would recommend you to schedule your arrival time to the airport sufficiently for the implementation of the prevention and control measures.

2. Wear a mask

You are obligated to wear a mask both in the airport as well as in the cabin.

3. Take a pen

To fill out any form you are required.

4. Take the initiate to cooperate with temperature measure

It is recommended that you cooperate with relevant departments and take the temperature test.

Since January 28, China Southern Airlines has made some adjustments to the relevant standards of in-flight and Lounge services. We have to reduce personnel close contact to a certain extent effectively in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the cabin and the lounge. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience.

China southern airlines always put the safety of passengers as priority. We will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, governmental policies and passenger’s demand. The relevant flight policies will be adjusted according to the actual situation. We will always provide passengers with safe and trusted services.