Flying with your beloved pet

Latest Checklists for Flights Departure from United States

Application Deadline: at least 48hrs before departure(effective on July 20,2023)

Arriveat the Check-in Counter: Passengers should take their small animals to the airport for check-in at least120 minutes (150 minutes is recommended) before departure.

Certificate Requirements:

1. ValidHealthCertificatefrom USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

(within 14 days before departure)

2. Rabies Certificate (between 1 month to 1 year before departure)

3. Microchip which is qualified for SO11784 and 11785,The 15-microchip number should only include numbers;

4. Rabiesantibodytesting report which is collectedfrom qualified Rabies Laboratory. Rabies antibodies level should have a titer above 0.5IU/ml and be announced as qualified through onsite inspection (Rabies antibody test should be later than the second rabies vaccine, the validity will be within one year from the testing date).

Pet Cage Limit:

Maximum not exceeding 90x60x66cm and minimum not less than 5x15x20cm; Total weight not exceeding 32kg/70lb (including cage + pet + water + food), each pet should have one cage.

Service Application:

Please contact our customer service: 888-338-8988 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm Pacific Time, except for holidays) or 86-20-95539(24/7)

For more details, please visit