Declaring Baggage Value

Ⅰ.The Applicability of Declaring Baggage Value

When the value per kilogram of checked baggage exceeds ¥50 (or other currency amount with equivalent value), passengers can declare their baggage value at the check-in counters.

Ⅱ.Specific Provisions

1.Calculation of Excess Value Fee

(1)China Southern Airline charges an excess value fee which is 5‰ of the excess value of applicable liability limit. The charge shall be paid in RMB Yuan and rounded. Excess Value Fee = [Declared Value-(50 Yuan/kg×baggage weight declared) ] ×5‰

(2)If the declared value is in foreign currency, it should be converted to RMB yuan according to the buying rate published by competent banks.

(3)Baggage value declaring only applies to the legs operated by China Southern Airlines or other carriers that have special agreements with us.

(4)If a passenger needs to declare his baggage value in the subsequent legs, he should apply for it with the carriers of the subsequent legs.

(5)If the declared value at transfer points is higher than that at the departure station, an additional excess value charge shall be imposed for the following journey.

(6)Passengers cannot declare value for carry-on or checked small animals (pets).

(7)Passengers cannot declare value for cabin baggage (including unchecked baggage and carry-on articles).

2.The Limit of Declared Baggage Value

(1)The declared value for any checked baggage shall not exceed its actual value.

(2)The limit of declared baggage value for each passenger is ¥8,000 (or other currency amount with equivalent value). If China Southern Airlines is suspicious of the declared value of one passenger's baggage and this passenger refuses to be inspected, then CSA has the right to reject the acceptance of the said baggage.


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