Introduction to air-rail

*e.g.: Departure from Zhengzhou - Wuhan (transit) - San Francisco

Departure from San Francisco - Wuhan (transit) - Zhengzhou

1. Applicable flights and conditions:

(1) This service applies to international or regional inbound or outbound flights with China Southern Airlines (Wuhan) as the actual carrier.

(2) This policy doesn’t apply to code-sharing flights or free tickets.

(3) By April 2018, the airline-to-railway transfer has covered 24 cities as follows:

Province City Name 3-Character Code
Hubei Province (Xinyang of Henan province belongs to the Hubei sales area) Enshi ENH/EWV
Shiyan WDS/EJQ
Xiangyang KLJ
Yichang WZE
Shiyan EJJ
Xianning IUO
Jingmen JJL
Qianjiang JQJ
Huangshi HSD
Tianmen TMV
Xiaogan GGX
Xinyang XYW
Henan province Zhengzhou TTZ
Hunan Province Chenzhou LQP
Hengyang HBP
Loudi LLD
Zhuzhou DHU
Changsha DDV
Yueyang YUG
Jiangxi Province Nanchang JJJ
Jiujiang JJJ
Anhui Province Hefei KFI
Lu’an LLQ
Jiangsu Province Nanjing NKJ

2. Service Content and Standards:

1. If a passenger travels from or to a designated city on an international or regional flight of China Southern Airlines from or to Wuhan, he/she will receive a second-class ticket of high-speed train/bullet train travelling between a designated city and Wuhan according to the standard.

2. CSAIR provides free ground shuttle service between the airport and the railway station.

3. For more information on airline-railway products purchase(Wuhan Luojia Aviation Service Co,.Ltd), please call 027-87888888-2(International ticket).

4. This product can provide eligible passengers who arrive in Wuhan for transfer by train outside Hubei with free accommodation service which is offered by Hubei Airport Group, and the relevant qualification examination, service contents, service quality and power of interpretation will be in the charge of Hubei Airport Group. Service hotline: 18872228588

3. Notes:

1. The product is only available in our offline ticket offices or through our authorized international ticket booking agents.

2. Related services are only available when the ticket number contains the information of virtual railway segments upon ticket purchasing.

3. The station of railway segment in the ticket number shall be consistent with the actual issuing station of railway ticket;

4. All that’s left unmentioned is subject to the interpretation of Hubei branch of CSAIR.