Special Meals

Booking Instructions:

1. China Southern Airlines (CSAIR) will make every effort to meet the special dietary requirements of passengers due to religious beliefs or medical reasons. Passengers departing from the Chinese mainland and those from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and abroad may dial the CSAIR customer service hotline at 95539 to inquire about and book special meals 24 hours (inclusive) and 48 hours (inclusive) before flight takeoff, respectively.

2. Kosher meals are available only on some flights. Please check the booking system for specific information. Passengers may book such meals in the same manner 48 hours (inclusive) before flight takeoff.

3. Special meal booking service is only available for dinners, light meals, and snacks. Each passenger can only request one special meal per flight segment (except for the second serving which can be a baby meal).

4. In the event of flight delays, cancellations, or flight changes, the availability of booked meals may be affected. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

5. If passengers have special meal requirements beyond the specified instructions due to health or other reasons, please provide specific, detailed, and clear information to the customer service staff. They will promptly respond to your reservation inquiry.

6. Special meal qualifications vary among meal suppliers. If a specific meal supplier does not meet the qualifications for a requested special meal, such meals may not be available. The final result will depend on your booking.

7. For actually bookable flights and meals, the inquiry results in the system shall prevail. The pictures of meals are for reference only, and the actual services provided shall prevail.


Table of Special Meals:

S/N Meal Code Meal Type Details
1 BBML Baby meal Suitable for infants less than 2 years old.
2 CHML Child meal Suitable for children aged 2 to 12.
3 HNML Hindu meal Non-vegetarian, Indian-style meal prepared according to religious belief and Hindu customs
4 KSML Kosher meal Purchased from a kosher-certified and reputable manufacturer, and prepared and served in line with Jewish religious laws and dietary customs.
5 MOML Moslem meal Prepared by a qualified Moslem meal supplier based on Halal religious laws and dietary customs.
6 VJML Vegetarian Jain meal Vegetarian, Indian-style meal prepared in line with Jain customs.
7 NBML No beef meal Meal not containing beef, veal, or related products.
8 BLML Bland meal Meal with soft texture, low fat, low fiber, and without irritating ingredients.
9 DBML Diabetic meal Meal not containing any kind of sugar, suitable for diabetics.
10 LCML Low calorie meal Meal with limited content of fat, seasonings, meat juices, and fried ingredients, and the use of sugary ingredients.
11 LFML Low fat meal Meal using low cholesterol, high fiber ingredients, without red meat, fried food, and fatty food.
12 LSML Low salt meal Meal with limited use of processed ingredients containing natural salt and sodium, and not adding salt.
13 NLML Low lactose meal Meal with limited use of ingredients that contain any milk and related products.
14 GFML Gluten free meal Meal free from any form of gluten.
15 FPML Fruit platter meal Meal served with fresh seasonal fruits.
16 RVML Raw vegetarian meal Meal served with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.
17 SFML Seafood meal Meal with one or more kinds of seafood and without other meat products.
18 LQML Liquid diet meal Mainly small fluid food, such as milk, porridge, or clear soup.
19 AVML Asian vegetarian meal Indian-style vegetarian meal with a spicy taste, without meat, seafood, or egg-related products, maybe with limited use of dairy products.
20 VGML Vegetarian vegan meal Western-style vegetarian meal not containing meat, seafood, egg, or dairy products.
21 VOML Vegetarian oriental meal Chinese-style vegetarian meal not containing meat,seafood, egg, or dairy products.
22 VLML Vegetarian lacto ovo meal Vegetarian meal that may contain egg and dairy products.