Economy Class

We offer tasty meals prepared with choice ingredients. Are you tired of the insipid airline meals? We combine passengers’ dietary preferences and nutritional needs to provide you with featured meals that are unique to Guangzhou and CSA.

Featured Food –Premium Economy

• Rice with Stewed Pork: The stewed pork is richly flavored; the steamed rice is neither too soft nor too hard. Every grain of rice is soaked with black and red sauce, fat but not greasy, sweet and savory, and pleasantly aromatic.

• Rice with Dried Meat – The rice and dried meat are perfectly combined. The rice absorbs the essence of the dried meat and is tender and mellow; the dried meat is juicy but not greasy.

• Pork Intestine Noodles: The rice is first ground, then seasoned, and finally made into sheet jelly that is white as snow and thin as paper. When served with fine sauce and pork mince, it is creamy and delicious.

In order to meet your particular needs, CSA has also introduced a variety of Special Meals.

*The featured products are only available on some flights; the actual meals provided on the flight shall prevail.