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1.What is a codeshare flight?
A codeshare flight is the flight marketed by one airline and operated by another airline.
2.Why do the airlines provide codeshare flight?
From the perspective of customers, the benefits provided by codeshare flight are as follows:

More destinations available due to the united route network;

Ordered flight plan creates smooth flight connection;

By means of Frequent Flyer Management System, passengers can earn miles from the marketing company;

Reduce connection time in the connecting airport;

More fare options offered by the united codeshare network;

Seamless flights facilitate your travel, just like from one same airline;

At some airports, the facilities transporting passengers and baggage can be shared.
3.How is a codeshare flight created?
The airlines involved in the bilateral agreement play a role respectively, i.e., carrier and marketing company.

Carrier: the airline providing aircraft;

Marketing company: the airline selling flights with its own flight number without providing aircraft.
4.Why do I receive the flight from other airlines?
China Southern Airlines enters into agreement with several other airlines which allow us to provide customers with their flights, so as to provide more flights and destinations.
5.What does China Southern Airlines provide for codeshare flight passengers?
Ticket endorsement, change, refund, online check-in and other services.
6.Can I receive the change information on the codeshare flight?
China Southern Airlines signs various codeshare agreements with several airlines. In case the codeshare flight changes, the passengers shall be notified by sales agents with ticket purchased from the sales agents or relevant departments of China Southern Airlines with ticket purchased from the website.