First Class

A380 First Class
B787 First Class A330 First Class

A380 First Class--Platinum Private Suite

China Southern Airlines A380 is pleased to introduce its eight exclusive "Platinum" Private Suites offering the finest in customer service amenities.

Each suite is 1.52 meters high with 82" seat pitch

Motor-driven seat is fully adjustable to any preset position

A full flat bed-33" wide and 80" long

23" digital widescreen TV

Six unique mood lighting choices

Private storage cabinet with password lock


B787 First Class——Experience Luxurious Skybed

First Class is equipped with four exclusive cocoon-designed seats that offer an unparalleled flight experience.

Oval back divider provides personal privacy

Seat with built-in electronic massage

Seat can be reclined to a fully flat bed

In-flight power outlet and USB port

17" personal TV


A330 First Class——180-degree Comfort All-around Elegance

Enjoy flat comfort with cocoon-designed seat that converts into a fully flat bed.

1-2-1 configuration

Seat pitch of 84"

Seat width of 27"(when the side arms are laid down)

17" or 15" personal TV

In-flight power outlet and USB port


*The class titles introduced above specifically refer to the international flights.

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