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Flight Cancellation and Change

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1.Will we change the aircraft type or route, or cancel, discontinue, delay or postpone a flight after tickets were sold?

Due to weather, air traffic control, airplane maintenance, airplane reallocation etc., China Southern Airlines may adjust the scheduled flight, including the change of aircraft type or route, cancel, suspend, delay or postpone a flight. 

2.Will the passengers receive prior notice when we change airplane type, cancel, suspend, delay or postpone a flight?

For any change to our flights, we will send a prior notice to you or you can view the real-time information on flight status. In any of the following circumstances, we may not give any prior notice in accordance with relevant regulations:

 (1) To comply with the laws, regulations and government regulations;

 (2) To ensure the flight safety;

 (3) Other irresistible external factors;

 (4) Other reasons not ascribable to China Southern Airlines. 
3.What arrangements will we make for concerning passengers after cancellation or delay of a flight?

Where a flight has been cancelled, brought forward, delayed or route-changed, or fails to be connected or to provide relevant passengers with confirmed seats due to uncontrollable or unpredictable reasons not ascribable to China Southern Airlines, such as weather and air traffic control, we would take the following measures considering passengers’ reasonable demands:

Provide available seats of the follow-up flight to the affected passengers on our priority list;

Complete flight transfer procedures for relevant passengers with the consent of such passengers and related carriers;

If the cancellation or delay is ascribable to us for reasons like airplane maintenance and flight reallocation, we will take the following measures in addition to the two measures mentioned above: change the route of original tickets and arrange related passengers to take other flights and/or other carriers to the destination, or to the transit place, with refund but without supplement for the price gap for flight ticket, extra luggage charge and other service fees. 

4.Why my airplane type, departure and arrival time learnt from ticket booking are often inconsistent with those from actual flight?

The flight schedules are prepared four or five months in advance based on the conditions of fleets, market and other factors. Considering unexpected factors such as bad weather, airplane maintenance and airplane reallocation during actual implementations, we have to readjust the schedules provisionally, which leads to such discrepancy. 

5.What should I do if the flight I booked has been changed, and the new flight schedule is unsatisfactory?

For international or domestic flights carried by the China Southern Airlines that offers preferential price (including foreign airlines’ ticket), if passengers, in case of involuntary change, do not accept the unified arrangement made by us, a free change can be made, with optional date for the flight to be changed:

1. For daily routes, three days earlier or later than the original reservation date of flight that was subject to change or subsequent connection flight (including the day of departure); 

2. For non-daily routes, seven days earlier or later than the original reservation date of flight that was subject to change or subsequent connection flight (including the day of departure); a full refund will be given in case the time range is exceeded; 

The full-price passenger tickets without discounts are only subject to the provisions for such tickets.