I. Shareholders Meeting

As the highest authority, the shareholders meeting is entitled to make major decisions according to law, including operation policy and investment plan, approve of annual financial budget plan, final accounting plan, profit distribution and loss recovery plan, directors and supervisors election and replacement plan and determine their remuneration, amend the company articles etc.

II. The Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors

The Board which is the decision-making body of the Company, are authorized by the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Board shall operate and manage corporate assets and accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Board is composed of 7 Directors, including 3 executive Directors and 4 independent non-executive Directors (“Independent Directors”). The Board has 1 secretary.

The Board of Directors

Name Position Resume
Ma Xu Lun Chairman More
Han Wen Sheng Vice Chairman and President More
Luo Lai Jun Executive Director More
Pansy Catilina Chiu King Ho Independent Non-Executive Director More
Gu Hui Zhong Independent Non-Executive Director More
Guo Wei Independent Non-Executive Director More
Cai Hong Ping Independent Non-Executive Director More

Board Secretary

Name Position Resume
Chen Wei Hua Company Secretary More

2. Committees of the Board

The Board of the Company has put in place an Aviation Safety Committee, a Strategic and Investment Committee, an Audit and Risk Management Committee, a Nomination Committee and a Remuneration and Assessment Committee. The number of independent non-executive directors accounted for more than a half in Strategic and Investment Committee, Audit and Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration and Assessment Committee. Specifically, three members of Audit and Risk Management Committee are all independent non-executive directors. Each committee under the Board of the Company has set up the working rules and strictly carried out the work according to the working rules.

Strategic and Investment Committee

Members: Gu Hui Zhong, Cai Hong Ping

Chairman: Han Wen Sheng

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Members: Guo Wei, Cai Hong Ping

Chairman: Gu Hui Zhong

Remuneration and Assessment Committee

Members: Han Wen Sheng, Gu Hui Zhong

Chairman: Guo Wei

Nomination Committee

Members: Ma Xu Lun, Pansy Catilina Chiu King Ho

Chairman: Gu Hui Zhong

Aviation Safety Committee

Members: Han Wen Sheng, Guo Wei

Chairman: Ma Xu Lun

III. The Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is composed of shareholder representative supervisors, selected and removed by shareholders meeting, and employee representative supervisors, democratically selected by employees of the Company. The Board of Supervisors has 3 Supervisors, including 1 employee representative supervisor. No supervisors are served by Directors, General Manager, Deputy General Managers and CFO.

Name Position Resume
Ren Ji Dong Supervisor More
Lin Xiao Chun Supervisor More
Yang Bin Supervisor – Employees Affairs More

IV. Senior Officers

General Manager and other senior officers shall organize operation and management of the Company. General Manager shall exercise his / her power according to laws, regulations, rules and Articles of Association of the Company as well as authority of shareholders meeting and Board of Directors.

Name Position Resume
Wu Ying Xiang Executive Vice President More
Gao Fei Executive Vice President More
Qu Guang Ji Executive Vice President More
Wu Rong Xin Executive Vice President More
Chen Wei Hua Chief Legal Adviser, Company Secretary More
Li Shao Bin Chief Training Officer More
Xie Bing Chief Economist More
Wang Ren Jie Chief Pilot More
Li Mian Song Chief Service Officer More
Li Zhi Gang Chief Engineer More
Li Ye Chief Flight Safety Officer More