Declaring Baggage Value

China Southern Airlines strictly limits the quantity and packages of the following goods to be transported. These goods may be checked for transportation as baggage under the premise that they meet the transportation requirements of China Southern Airlines and are approved to be transported by China Southern Airlines.

Articles Limited in Transportation
1、Precise instrument, electric appliances, etc. shall be checked as goods; and must be properly packed and weight of such goods must not be included in free baggage allowance if they are checked as baggage;
2、Sports equipment, including sports guns and ammunitions;
3、Drikold, beverages with alcohol, and smoking sets, medicines, cosmetics, etc. required by passengers during travel;
4、Diplomatic pouches and confidential documents;
5、Edged tools and blunts rather than controlled knives, like kitchen knives, table knives, fruit knives, art ware knives, scalpels, scissors, steel files, iron wimbles, axes, short staffs, hammers, etc., shall be included in checked baggage for transportation;
6、Small animals and service dogs in conformity with transportation regulations do not include aggressive dogs, snub-nosed cats and canine animals.
7、Folded wheelchairs or electrically powered wheelchairs used by passengers during travel;
8、Liquid goods taken along by passengers;
9、The goods that are not proper to be transported in the cargo space of aircraft (like fine musical instruments) and do not meet the applicable requirements (beyond the weight and volume limitations) shall be taken to passenger space as CBBG. Transportation of such goods shall be additionally paid for and the owner shall keep such goods by themselves;