What is Check-in Kiosk?

Check-in Kiosk of CZ is designed for the convenience of passengers in dealing with relevant procedures by themselves at the airport. It is a new way to deal with the check-in procedures different from the traditional counter check-in machines. Passengers using Check-in Kiosk need not wait at the check-in counter for the service staff to print boarding pass and allocate a seat, instead, the passengers can obtain all the boarding information on the Check-in Kiosk with a special boarding certificate, select a seat according to the screen prompts, confirm and get the boarding pass.

Can paper tickets be checked in on the Check-in Kiosk?

Paper tickets can not be checked in on the Check-in Kiosk for the moment. If you hold a paper ticket, please go to our manual service counter for check-in.

Can children traveling with adults or unaccompanied minors use the Check-in Kiosk?

Sorry, children or infants can not use the Check-in Kiosk for the moment. Please go to the manual check-in service counter.

Can the international travel tickets be checked in at the Check-in Kiosk?

Sorry, Check-in Kiosks do not support international tickets for the moment.

Can tickets bought through travel agents or online agents checked in at the Check-in Kiosk?

Yes, effective E-tickets purchased through travel agents or online agents can be checked in at the Check-in Kiosk.

Can tickets bought through travel agents or online agents be checked in at the Check-in Kiosk?

Yes, effective E-tickets purchased through travel agents or online agents can be check-in at the Check-in Kiosk.

In which circumstances should I resort to the service staff when checking in at the Automatic Check-in Machines?

In some special circumstances, you may be required to provide your relevant documents at the service counter, for example, inconsistency between your name on your identity document and the name on your ticket, or other issues.

What kind of services will be provided by a service counter?

Check-in, Search Miles, Join in Sky Pearl, Inquire Flight Information, Subscribe SMS for Flight Delay and so on

Who can use the Check-in Kiosk?

Passengers holding effective E- tickets of CZ can check in with Check-in Kiosk

Where are the Check-in Kiosks?

The Check-in Kiosks are generally located in the airport departure hall.

How to use a Check-in Kiosk for check-in?

You can now follow the procedures as below to deal with pre-check-in:

* The first step:

  • - Scan or enter your document No. or;
  • - Enter the ticket No. or;
  • - Enter or insert your card for identification of the Sky Pearl No.;
  • - Scan the two-dimensional code.

* The second step: Check the information and select the flight you are going to board

* The third step: select your seat from the seating chart

* The fourth step: print your boarding pass

If I have dealt with online pre-check-in procedures, how can I withdraw my boarding pass at the Check-in Kiosk?

If you had online pre-check-in procedures, you have to print the boarding pass online or to the airport Check-in Kiosk to scan the second generation ID card or enter the login information, the system will automatically print out your boarding pass. 。

What is the earliest and latest time for check-in and print-out of the boarding pass?

Different airports have different deadlines for check-in, from 1400 on the day before to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time or 45 minutes or an hour in advance. It is recommended that you consult relevant information office and leave sufficient time for check-in before the travel. In case of any question, please consult your local departure airport.

Are the service counters working 24-hour?


Is the service applicable to all CZ flights?

This service is applicable to all CZ flights excluding codeshare flights.

What are the languages spoken by the service counter?

Chinese, English.

If I have checked baggage, can I use the Check-in Kiosk?

Yes, you can get your boarding pass at the Check-in Kiosk and then go to the manual service counter for the checked baggage, please make an appointment in advance.

What should I do if I encounter any problems when using this service?

You may contact the service counter or the supervisor counter for help.