Transit Service Commitments

1. One-ticket through without collection of baggage

The one-ticket through service of China Southern Airlines is available for the following passengers connecting at Urumqi Airport:

1) Domestic passengers transferring on the current day

2) Domestic passengers transferring to international on the current day

3) Domestic passengers transferring on the next day, who have handled at the departure airport the boarding pass and baggage ticket at once for a connecting flight (no need to collect baggage at Urumqi).

2. Easy check-in for segmented connection

Passengers who have purchased a segmented ticket of China Southern Airlines with domestic transfer on the same day or the next day may handle transfer formalities directly at the China Southern Airlines connection service counter in Terminal 3.

3. Comfortable lounge for transferring passengers

Connection lounge service is available in the domestic departure hall, Terminal 3, Urumqi Airport, for China Southern Airlines passengers who need to transfer to another China Southern Airlines connecting flight and whose connection time exceeds two hours. (The lounge service includes tea, drinks, free lunch and supper)

Opening hours: 08:30-20:30

Meal service hours: lunch at 13:30 and supper at 18:30

4. Premium service for first/business class passengers

China Southern Airlines provides private guide service to 2-segmented passengers traveling first and business classes.

5. Aircraft-to-aircraft transfer service during connection time

China Southern Airlines provides domestic passengers whose connection time is between 60 min and 70 min with aircraft-to-aircraft connection service, i.e., pickup at the aircraft door, exemption from a second security check, and full connection guidance.

6. Worry-free transfer of consigned baggage

The delay of a previous flight may lead to insufficient time for baggage transfer to the connecting flight, in which case, subject to the authorization of the passenger, China Southern Airlines may provide a consigned baggage service, i.e., the passenger signs a Baggage Consignment Form before taking the scheduled China Southern Airlines connecting flight, leaves the baggage with China Southern Airlines to transfer to a later flight, and collects the baggage at a time convenient at the destination airport.

7. 24hr transfer information service

24hr transfer information service is available.

Hotline: 0991-3800215