Investor Relations Calendar

Investors Forum

January,2018 Shanghai UBS 18th Greater China Conference 2018
January,2018 Shanghai Changjiang Securities' Spring Strategy Meeting for Upstream Bulk Commodities
March,2018 Shenzhen Guojin Securities’ Aviation Logistics meeting
April,2018 London BNY Mellon Depositary Receipts Capital Markets & IR Seminar
June,2018 Shanghai CICC Investment Forum (Shanghai) 2018
November,2018 Beijing Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2018 China Conference
November,2018 Beijing CICC Investment Forum (Beijing) 2018
November,2018 Singapore Morgan Stanley Seventeenth Annual Asia Pacific Summit
December,2018 Shanghai Essence Securities' Strategy Meeting
January,2019 Shenzhen dbAccess China Conference 2019
February,2019 Shenzhen Tianfeng Securities' Annual Conference of Investment Strategies
May,2019 Xiamen Essence Securities' 2019 Medium Term Strategy Meeting
June,2019 Shanghai Industrial Securities’ 2019 Medium Term Strategy Meeting
November,2019 Shenzhen Goldman Sachs China Conference 2019
November,2019 Shenzhen Credit-suisse China Conference 2019
November,2019 Beijing BofAML 2019 China Conference
November,2019 Shenzhen Essence Securities' 2020 Strategy Meeting
December,2019 Beijing Huatai Securitie' 2020 Strategy Meeting
January,2020 Shanghai UBS 20th Greater China Conference 2020
September,2020 Internet 27th Annual CITIC CLSA Flagship Investors’ Forum
November,2020 Internet Goldman Sachs China Conference 2020
November,2020 Shanghai Industrial Securites 2021 Capital Market Investment Strategy Annual Conference
November,2020 Shanghai Shenwan Hongyuan·2021 Capital Market Annual Conference
November,2020 Shenzhen CITIC Securities 2021 Capital Market Annual Conference
December,2020 Sanya GUOTAI JUNAN Securities 2021 Capital Market Annual Conference
April,2021 Xiamen Industrial Securites 2021 Spring Capital Market Investment Strategy Annual Conference
May,2021 Chengdu Changjiang Securities China's large consumption industry exploration road and "listed companies - top investors" closed-door conference
November,2021 Shenzhen CITIC Securities 2022 Capital Market Annual Conference
November,2023 Singapore Morgan Stanley Twenty-Second Annual Asia Pacific Summit
November,2023 Beijing CICC Annual Investment Strategy Conference 2023
November,2023 Guangzhou CITIC Securities 2024 Capital Market Annual Conference
January,2024 Shanghai UBS 24th Greater China Conference 2024
March,2024 Guangzhou GF Securities 2024 Spring Capital Market Investment Forum
May,2024 Chengdu Changjiang Securities' 2024 Medium Term Strategy Meeting


March,2018 HongKong 2017 Annual Results
March,2018 HongKong 2017 Non-Deal Roadshow
April,2018 Guangzhou Cash Dividend Network Conference
April,2018 Guangzhou 1Q2018 Results
May,2018 Guangzhou Investor reception day
August,2018 Beijing 1H2018 Results
September,2018 Beijing 1H2018 Non-Deal Roadshow
October,2018 Guangzhou 3Q2018 Results
April,2019 HongKong 2018 Annual Results
April,2019 HongKong 2019 Non-Deal Roadshow
April,2019 Guangzhou 2018 Annual Results Conference Call
April,2019 Guangzhou 1Q2019 Results Conference Call
May,2019 Guangzhou Cash Dividend Network Conference
August,2019 Guangzhou 1H2019 Results Conference Call
October,2019 Guangzhou 3Q2019 Results Conference Call
November,2019 Singapore 2019 Non-Deal Roadshow
November,2019 Hongkong 2019 Non-Deal Roadshow
December,2019 Shanghai 2019 Non-Deal Roadshow
December,2019 Beijing 2019 Non-Deal Roadshow
March,2020 Guangzhou 2019 Annual Results Announcement
April,2020 Guangzhou Annual Results and Cash Dividend Network Conference
April,2020 Guangzhou 1Q2020 Results Conference Call
August,2020 Guangzhou 1H2020 Results Conference Call
March,2021 Guangzhou 2020 Annual Results Announcement
April,2021 Guangzhou 2020 Annual Results Network Conference
August,2021 Guangzhou 1H2021 Results Conference
November,2021 Guangzhou 3Q2021 Results Conference Call
March,2022 Guangzhou 2021 Annual Results Announcement
May,2022 Guangzhou 2021 Annual Results and Cash Dividend Network Conference
August,2022 Guangzhou 1H2022 Results Conference
November,2022 Guangzhou 3Q2022 Results Network Conference
March,2023 Guangzhou 2022 Annual Results Announcement
May,2023 Guangzhou 2022 Annual Results and 2023Q1 Results Network Conference
August,2023 Guangzhou 1H2023 Results Conference
November,2023 Guangzhou 3Q2023 Results Network Conference
March,2024 Guangzhou 2023 Annual Results Announcement
March,2024 Guangzhou 2023 Annual Results Network Conference

Investors Seminar

Since it is listed, the Company has kept receiving visit of institutional investors from both home and abroad, seriously answered questions that concern the investors and enhanced mutual understanding with them. We sincerely appreciate the trust of all investors in the Company and all investors are encouraged to contact us by every means.