Customer Service Plan

We sincerely promise that China Southern Airlines is committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable and convenient travel experience. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)'s "Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections" regulations, we will provide the following services to all passengers of our scheduled flights to and from the United States:

  • 1.Informing you of the best ticket price
    When you visit the website of China Southern Airlines, call our reservations number, or talk with our representatives at a ticket counter to inquire about a fare or to make a reservation, we will inform you that the lowest fare we offer may be available through one of our other sales channels, if that is the case.
  • 2.Informing you of known flight delays, cancellations and diversions
    We will do everything possible to take you to your destination as scheduled. But sometimes, due to weather, air traffic control or service factors, flights may be delayed, canceled or diverted. In these cases, we will endeavor to provide the latest and most accurate information we receive about the flights, including flight cancellations, flight delays of more than 30 minutes, or diversions. Within 30 minutes after being informed, we will notify you about such information via the following ways: we will announce the real-time flight status via SMS or phone call (if you provide us contact information), online, and using the airport's flight status board. Our agents and crew at the airport will inform you of the latest flight delay, cancellation and diversion information. Therefore, please provide us with accurate contact information when booking flights.
  • 3.Timely baggage delivery
    We will make every effort to ensure that your baggage arrives at your destination on the same plane. If you cannot find your baggage at the destination airport, please contact the Baggage Inquiry Department of China Southern Airlines before leaving the airport so that we can explain to you the baggage reclaiming process and follow up with your baggage search. If your checked bags are delayed or misplaced, we will make every reasonable effort to deliver your bags within 24 hours. If you suffer losses due to this kind of baggage delay and are eligible to receive compensation, we will compensate you with reasonable and necessary compensation in accordance with such provisions. If your baggage is confirmed to be lost, we will refund the amount you paid.
  • 4.Allowing you to keep and / or cancel your booking within 24 hours
    We allow you to cancel a flight free of charge within 24 hours after booking the ticket. Please note that this 24-hour ticket refund rule only applies to tickets that are purchased at least 7 days or more prior to earlier than the flight’s departure date and only applies to flights from or to the US. If you have any questions about this policy, please ask our customer service agents.
  • 5.Prompt ticket refunds
    We will do our best to provide prompt refunds, to the original form of payment, but we can only approve ticket refunds after receiving all necessary information provided by passengers. Some tickets cannot be refunded. In the event of a s a flight cancellation or overbooking, we will refund any fees charged to you for service options you cannot use.
    We will issue refunds for all eligible tickets purchased by passengers with their credit cards in the United States within seven work days of receiving the completed refund request. . Tickets purchased with check or cash will be refunded within 20 work days of receiving the completed refund request.
  • 6.Providing disabled customers with proper services and meeting their special demands
    For flights to or from the United States, we will observe the U.S. Department of Transportation's CFR Part 382 regulations to provide necessary services for passengers with disabilities, and other special-needs passengers, including during lengthy tarmac delays.
  • 7.Meeting the basic demands of passengers during tarmac delays
    We have formulated a contingency plan for tarmac delays to meet customers’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays, such as flight status updates, catering services, restroom access, etc.
  • 8.Overbooking
    If flight overbooking occurs, which means some passengers may not be able to board even if they have tickets, we will treat passengers with fairness and consistency;
    If flight overbooking occurs, China Southern Airlines staff will first ask for volunteers willing to give up their seats according to its policies. Volunteers will be compensated and properly assigned to other flights;
    If there are not enough volunteers, we will deny boarding to passengers in accordance with boarding priority and our written policy, and will compensate passengers according to the involuntary boarding provisions of China Southern Airlines and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • 9.Disclosing travel policies that may affect passenger trips
    We will give you clear information about policies and service aspects that may be important to you on our website, and, when you ask, through our customer service hotline. This means providing information about: cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configuration, and lavatory availability.
    Cancellation policies
    Frequent flyer rules
    Aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability
  • 10.Notifying you of flight changes
    We will do our best to timely inform you of any changes to your travel itinerary. air route as soon as possible. If you provide us with your contact information, we will notify you using information in your reservation about any travel itinerary changes prior to the date of departure.
  • 11.Responding to customer complaints
    If customers are not satisfied with the flight or with any employees of China Southern Airlines, they can make a complaint to our Customer Care Center. We will acknowledge any written customer complaint within 30 days after receiving it and offer a substantive written reply within 60 days after receiving the complaint. For information on written complaints, please refer to the "Customer Service" - “Contact us” page on the China Southern Airlines website [] or contact China Southern Airlines customer service at +86-4008695539.
  • 12.Reducing the inconvenience caused by flight cancellations and changes
    If you are unable to board your flight due to a flight cancellation or missed connection, we will provide multiple services to reduce any inconveniences caused.
    We will do our best to contact you in advance through the contact information provided by you when you booked your ticket to inform you of the flight cancellation or missed connection;
    We will do our best to assign you to the earliest flight with available seats;
    We will provide you with meal and accommodation services according to the relevant regulations of China Southern Airlines if the flight cancellation or missed connection is caused by our company.